These are products I’ve personally used that have supported my autoimmune own healing as well as maintaining my health. Some have been with me since childhood others I found in service specifically of healing my alopecia areata. Check with your Doctor before adding any of these medicinal or supplemental products into your healing strategy. 

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A medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself with tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals that stimulate the bodies instinctual healing process


Supplements can help rebalance and out of whack body. Check with your Doctor as certain supplements can interfere with medication.

Peace of Mind

Mindset is equally important when going inward and taking responsibility for your healing. Getting your mind in the healing state can make a huge difference for your healing outcome.

Trauma Resources

Trauma solidifies itself in the mind, body and spirit, at an early age. While the body starts its physical healing process, repressed or unresolved early traumas may reappear as well.

Holistic Insights

Becoming mindful about your body, daily life, and beliefs can aid in your healing process as well as open up a whole new understanding of healing and processes in general.

AIP Resources

The scientific research behind AIP and other autoimmune diets is valid and incredible. If you are interested in doing a deep dive and understanding your bodies abilities, do some reading and research.

Homeopathy– One of the largest homeopathy remedy manufacturers. You can buy online or find a local store near you. An online homeopathic resource both with a remedy finder tool and the options to buy remedies online. You can input your specific symptoms and it will provide you with a grid of remedy options best suited for you.– An online homeopathic pharmacy offering homeopathic remedies and products. also offers homeopathic products for purchase if the above websites don’t ship to your country.


Nordic Naturals Omega 3’s with B12– Extremely high quality and bioavailable Omega 3’s supporting and rebuilding your gut health and overall immunity. I took these daily and accredit them greatly in my bodies ability to heal.

Passi Flora Tea– This Latin American tea has been known to calm the body in incredible ways. I still drink this tea when I am feeling overstimualted, anxious or am working on coming my overall system.

CBD Oil– I am not a marjiuana user but CBD Oil which islacking the “high” assocaited with THC has allowed my body to remain in calm states as I worked through my early onset trauma and create space for my body to heal. I did not take CBD during my alopecia healing but as I continue to heal the rest of my system it has been a vital supportive method I use often. CBD Oil is becoming more popular and any hemp shop or CBD online store should carry it. I started with 250 mg and have moved up to higher potency at 500 mg. I have conferred with pyschotherapist for safety and no red flags were raised.

Vitex In support of balancing my hormones I took Vitex supplements prior to my menstration to assit in cramp and MS relief. I take this currently in conjunction with the homeopathic remedy Sepia to assist my system during a heightened hormonal state. 

Slippery Elm Bark– This incredible supplement is used to support the rebuilding of your gut lining while also protecting it from further leakage. This was my number 1 method in aiding my gut and autoimmune healing. I took capsule forms but you can also take powder forms. This is relatively unknown in the auotimmue community but is a powerhouse of a support method. 

Probiotics- These vegetarian probiotcs are a massive help in aiding your immune system functioning. Make sure you work with your Doctor and do not take daily as you should have a probiotic cycle where your body is able to produce its own probiotics without the supplement. 

Peace of Mind

Abraham Hicks– If you need to rethink a situation or get a different perspecive I enjoy Abraham Hicks who recently worked with Wayne Dyer, another holistic coach and author. Any of the youtube talks will do:)

CBD Oil– I have been taking CBD Oil as a preventative measure as well as a medicinal supplement. When I am stuck or about to enter a mental trauma renactment or state, which has become more visble now that my body is in control of it’s own healing again, I take this to calm my anxious thoughts and allow me to stay within my window of tolerance. It is important for me to navigate my mind that is hyper linked to my emotinal state to preserve my bodies health and wellness moving forward. 

Trauma Resources

Alan Robarge– Alan Robarge is a pscyhotherapist who creates online videos explaingin attachment trauma and how that relates to your everyday relationships and relationship with yourself. While I work with my own, local, attachment trauma therapist, his videos have allowed me to have some extra insight about my emotions and past experiences.

EMDR– I have been working with an EMDR therapist in service of healing my attachement trauma which has manifested into my bodies previous fight or flight state. This state affected my ability to have balance expereinces and kept my body in a trauma loop that contributed and manifested my autoimmune disease.

Attachment Trauma– In working through my own healing, from physical to internal, I have been able to uncover the early traumas I suffered that have affected my body and its ability to heal itself. Undestanding these concepts have allowed me to sustin my selfcare and increase my wellness strategy and knowledge for my best healing.

Not the Price of Admission: Healthy Relationships After Childhood Trauma– Laura S. Brownd PH.D brings perspecive, healing and understanding to the difficulties faced after chidlhood trauma. She offers the beginning insights of how this can affect your ability to access “good enough” care, relationships, and healing by working through the trauma loops and renactments you may be stuck in. The body files away a codex of our felt expereinces and continuing to understand this has beent the second phase of my autoimmune healing and getting my system out of my own trauma loops. 

Holistic Reading

Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Remedies– The homeopathic remedy finder and resource book my family used growing up. 

Eckhart Tolle– Author who talks about how to become mindful, deatch from your ego or “pain body”, and how to come into contact and awareness with presecence in the present moment.

Deepak Chopra– A physician, author, and alternative medicine advocate who speaks about wellness and the holistic perspective.

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer– A holistic author who speaks and writes frequently about the holistic persepective.

Adyashanti– Speaker and author who teaches present moment awarness, consciousness and navigating the mind.

Jiddu Krishnamurti– A philospher, writer, adn speaker who spoke about persepective and the conditioning of the mind and body.

Abraham Hicks– Videos and talks about perspective and a the power of your thoughts.

AIP Resources

Sarah Ballantyne The Paleo Mom– PHD, author and blogger who speaks about autoimmunity, the Paleo Diet, and it’s affects on the body.

AutoImmuneWellness.comAutoimmune wellness and recipe bloggers who focus on healing their autoimmune conditions through food. 

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