Healing Your Alopecia Areata: A Holistic Approach


A comprehensive holistic to guide that covers autoimmune diets like AIP, easy recipes and food combinations, healing mindset, and alternative healing modalities to support healing your alopecia areata or other autoimmune conditions. You’ll learn the best methods in how to plan food around your work, life, kids as well as how and where you can develop a support system that allows you to stay in a receptive healing mode. Purchase and download the 68-page ebook NOW!



Healing Your Alopecia Areata: A Holistic Guide simplifies different successful healing methods into one 70 page ebook. Whether you are looking to support your healing with food, stress reduction, or other natural based healing methods, this how-to guide allows you to implement any lifestyle changes you are ready to make, now. Filled with comprehensive knowledge of how the body responds and communicates through inflammation, imbalance, and stress and trauma management, you’ll gain an understanding of how best to approach this very personal healing journey.


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