Start Healing Your Alopecia Areata.

Discovering you have Alopecia Areata or any other Autoimmune Condition is a life changing event. When I realized I had self-induced my own Alopecia Areata I knew it was time to enter into a healing path.

I Healed My Alopecia Areata ...Holistically.

I always knew without a doubt I was not going to do steroid injections, take prescribed medicine or use topical creams. I knew this healing would have to come from the inside out. Using food as medicine, natural medicine from my upbringing, and mastering my healing mindset I successfully healed my alopecia areata. 

The Principles of Autoimmune Healing

There is no quick fix to healing, but there is definitely a plan. Learn how your body is communicating with you during this healing process and how you can continue to support it.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet w/ Food Lists

Learn what foods cause inflammation and which work with your body to rebalance. You'll find out what foods to temporarily eliminate and how to reintroduce them later on.

Easy Recipe Ideas

Recipes? More like superfood groupings. Discover the superfoods that will aid you along this healing path and how to incorporate them into your meals.

Self Commandments of Care

You are your number one support system. Learn practices to nurture yourself during this healing time and how to say YES, to your needs.

Start Your Healing Here.

Assess Your Condition

Get a Healing Strategy

Reader Feedback

“This ebook is a wonderfully easy way to understand autoimmune diseases, inflammation, and all it’s very intimidating options to recovery like homeopathy and diet and lifestyle changes. In a world where it’s easy to medicate an illness, this breaks down how to get to the root of the issue and not just treat the symptoms. Highly recommended, especially if you’re becoming a student of health and wellness and don’t know where to start!”
Claudia M
I discovered Angelica or should I say "Green Banana girl " blog when I was trying to figure out AIP diet. There is tons of information online but to this day I don't know what made me click that link and go discover the blog. I am so glad I did. She knows the stuff so well, has tons of useful information and always responses when I had a doubt . I am so glad she came up with the ebook because its like one shot done kinda deal. She has covered everything and put the information so well from medicines (best time to take ) to food, recipes, self care (which she emphasis on so much ). I am so happy that I found her in this life journey.
Vakula S
Realizing your body needs to heal is a life awakening moment when you realize it's time to take responsibility. I think the hardest part is figuring out what is happening to your body and what you need to do first. GreenBananaGirl's ebook helped me understand what my personal journey would look like and gave me a foundation to refer back to when I needed more information. it was also incredibly helpful when I needed to explain what's going on with my body to my family and why I needed to make some healing changes.
Isabella S
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