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The wellness tourism experience that will make you want to trade in your hotel for a monastery.

To be clear, wellness tourism does not have to mean spending $5000 American dollars to sit in silence with strangers, drink clay and eat organic foods; I can just go to Portland for that…shout out Portland! Wellness tourism is a travel experience that puts you in a state of receptivity. Unfortunately in our daily lives we aren’t always able to sustain that feeling of openness unless you are Ghandi, Oprah or high. Wellness travel can start with the intention to unwind, experience a new culture, gain perspective on your life, or get away from the familiar. Travel reminds us that the world is way bigger than the 9 to 5, Starbucks latte, or weekend visits with the fam. It’s a way to check in with yourself and make space so whatever is coming your way can enter your atmosphere. While trying to book a last minute hotel after deciding we would have to make the almost three hour drive from Montreal to Quebec City in hopes of running into Celine Dion, the greatest singer in the world, we found this …