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Hoodoo Voodoo. All about Natural Medicine and Homeopathy.

Everything worthwhile is old and natural, like Willie Nelson. If you were to look across countries and cultures over hundreds and thousands of years in some way you would find medicines derived from the same sources…nature. Homeopathy is both of those things. As a kid when I told people I didn’t really go to regular Doctors I always received looks of confusion, some filled with sympathy like maybe my Mom was a secret Christian Scientist or something. (She wasn’t. I broke a lot of bones and frequented the ER.) As an adult I joke that I eat leaves when I’m sick and drink apple cider vinegar, which I basically do but not in that format. I was raised on Homeopathy and I grew up knowing everything works together. In modern medicine you don’t treat the patient, you treat the symptoms. That means if you have a headache you are given Tylenol and then if the headache comes back next time you’re given Extra Strength. With natural medicine you treat the patient not the disease. It works mainly with …

PMS chaste tree

What to take when everything is PMSing you off.

Twenty-eight days a month (lol), before my period I turn on my loved ones like they’ve been plotting against me and I just found out. Whoever I’m in a realtionship with at the time usually gets it the worst. The thoughts that run through my head are borderline CIA clearance type stuff. So all in all I’m a total delight. Not only do I get serious PMS but when my period does arrive I get extreme cramping so much so that I’m pretty much in bed the first day of my period. In my teenage rebellious years instead of relying on natural medicine I started taking Aleve because it was effective and my cramps were so bad that I didn’t care what the effects were. Cut to years later and a leaky gut and whoops maybe eight to ten Aleve a day during my period was not a good decision. A few years ago during a Reiki session my healer (see I’m a hippie) told me about her Homeopathic Doctor who told her about a magical hormone …