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forehead wrinkles

Forehead wrinkles and when it’s time for bangs again.

Forehead wrinkles and wrinkles in general are a part of aging which is total bullshit and I hate it. They also are a part of stress and skin dehydration. There are others who would say it’s because you aren’t wearing SPF which may be true but my mind immediately goes to my eighty-seven year old Puerto Rican Grandma who doesn’t wear SPF, spent her life in the sun, and couldn’t show you one unflattering line on her face. So I believe you dermatologists but also…my grandma. Another huge skin health factor is your skin’s PH level and whether the creams, toners, makeups, etc. that you are putting on your face are too alkaline. Wait what!? Are you saying alkaline is bad? When it comes to your skin.. YES. Just in case you didn’t know the human body contains a million different high school chemical experiments; your alkaline levels are one of them. Let’s break this down so you’re not just bathing in apple cider vinegar and calling it a day. What the hell is a PH? PH stands for potential …

Slippery Elm

What the hell is Slippery Elm and why is it good for my skin?

I think by this point we all know beauty starts from the inside and with varying degrees of our own experiences we know it to be true. For the chosen ones who eat fried foods and bread like a Mutha F&%$^ and your skin looks alien perfect and pore-less well I tip my hat to you (and when you turn around I give you the finger).  For the rest of us skin commoners that is not always the case. As a teenager I had immaculate skin (GOD take me back!) with no blemishes no pimples nothing! My friends hated me. When I turned eighteen I started to get a few breakouts here and there and then some serious skin shit into my twenties. I also discovered coffee when I turned eighteen and I know now that the acidity killed the lining of my gut and intestines. I LOVE coffee but even now if I drink it I break out instantly, it’s insane. I also know that for me stress is a huge factor in my skin …