Hello I’m Greenbanana girl! Actually it’s Angelica, Angie for my friends, and you could call me a holistic/wellness/lifestyle blogger. I’m originally from New Jersey but have called New York City, Los Angeles and now Chicago, home. I have since lost my Jersey accent but it always comes out in my blog. I live in Chicago with my lovingly sensitive rescue dog Nola and my sweet horse Artimus.

I started this blog because I was actually raised holistically and have myself undergone a huge healing process using my own healing knowledge and a naturalistic approach. After inducing my own Alopecia Areata I was invited to face my own healing head on and a holistic approach was the only path I knew to take. I was raised on Homeopathy which is a natural alternative medicine that was started over a hundred years ago in Germany, where my Mother is from. Natural methods have been passed down in our family and I continue to carry the annoying torch (what my sister says) by living mostly well and mostly holistic.

I am the wellness insider’s actual insider. 

The good thing is actual wellness is about BALANCE and I absolutely live a balanced lifestyle. I eat 90% organic, get the Craigslist discount on my furniture, and am obsessed with natural beauty products. I also eat cheeseburgers every now and then and have been known to make a cake from scratch at eleven pm as well as eating Cereal at midnight.

Growing up, names like Carlos Castaneda, Paramahansa Yoganda, Krishnamurti, Deepak Chopra, and Edgar Cayce floated around my house. Funny story- my Mom had a picture of Paramahansa Yoganda in her bedroom because that was her guru and my friends always thought it was a picture of my Dad. They would ask, ” um is that your Dad?” and I would say as if everyone knew, “No that’s Paramahansa Yolanda.”


Not my Dad.

dad copy.jpg

My actual Dad.

I feel so lucky that I was raised with alternative medicine and a holistic mindset. I love that when I call my Mom we don’t talk about the problems in my life but what they mean energetically and what they are bringing up from the past in order to be resolved in the here and now. #shegetsme

I learned how to look at discomfort not as something that needs to be treated but as something to be listened to. I learned how food can transform you, how your thinking, colors everything, and how every house must carry Calendula healing ointment. I am definitely a champion for wellness but I am also a champion for balance, which is what this blog is really about. Balanced wellness and incorporating as much or as a little into your life as you can or want to. If you aren’t into Yoga that’s okay. If you don’t want to eat salads, throw some spinach in a smoothie. If you can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods and let’s be clear NO ONE can afford to, even though I do… it’s okay. Let’s be well, let’s be balanced, and let’s laugh along the way. 

Healing and wellness is always within our reach.


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