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Angelica, Angie, GreenBananaGirl


New Jersey (I’m TAWLKin here!), NYC and Los Angeles too!


I was raised on Homeopathy, lucky lucky me..

I love interior design, I have a horse named Artimus, a sweet doggie named Nola,

More About Your Friend, GBG

What was that thing you were you raised on?:

I was raised on Homeopathy which is a natural alternative medicine that was started over a hundred years ago in Germany, where my Mother is from. Homeopathy was and still is the biggest influence in my life. It’s another form of energy medicine which as been in the world since, forever. Natural methods have been passed down in our family and I continue to carry the natural torch by talking about it ALL THE TIME:)

I induced my own Alopecia Areata!

After inducing my own Alopecia Areata I was invited to face my own healing head on and a holistic approach was the only path I knew to take. I never did steroid shots, I didn’t get blood tests to test my levels, I didn’t work with a Western medicine Doctor- I just knew what to do by entering into a conversation with my body and really really listening. I had one “mega patch” and then a “sidekick” path, both on the side of my head. I changed my diet, took homeopathic remedies, engaged a healing mindset, reduced stress levels, and start walking into my triggers and traumas. Spoiler alert: Both my patches grew in:)

My Mentors:

My Mom and our Homeopathic Doctors, Dr. Paul and Theresa Bahder.

Holistic teachings have always been with me. I am definitely my mother’s holistic clone. Growing up, we had a tons of books from names like Carlos Castaneda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Krishnamurti, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Edgar Cayce in my house. These people taught me about my body, my spirit, my mind and the universe.

What I do:

Work in Marketing. Sometimes with startups, sometimes on health and holistic brands, sometimes automotive, sometimes for “the man”…still.

What I REALLY do:

My gifts and some of things about my hope, attitude and “light” were developed from darker times. My survival mechanisms became my strengths!

I affirm people, I create space for them and I help guide them back to their intuition, after all that’s where the knowledge really comes from.  

I simplify everything. I have an engineering mind, I work backwards and I despise complications and chaos. Give me any problem, I’ll simplify the solution and I’ll give you a million different ways to get there, if YOU like to complicate things;)

I know how to think. All that holistic upbringing taught me how to think for myself, do my own research, gain knowledge, and practice it. I wasn’t raised to think my Doctor knew more than me, but I was taught by him to question feelings, sensations, illness, and parents!

I strategize. That’s just me, find the best way to do anything. I work with what is, where you want to go, and where you came from. Nothing is impossible to me. It usually just needs a different kind of thought process.

My Motto:

Healing and wellness is always within our reach.

I am definitely a champion for wellness but I am also a champion for balance, which is what this site is really about. Balanced wellness and incorporating as much or as a little into your life as you can or want to. If you aren’t into yoga that’s okay. If you don’t want to eat salads, throw some spinach in a smoothie. If you can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods and let’s be clear NO ONE can afford to, even though I do… it’s okay, we will find a way that brings wellness into your life.

My Sassittude:

I feel so lucky that I was raised with alternative medicine and a holistic mindset. 

I learned how to look at discomfort not as something that needs to be treated but as something to be listened to. I learned how food can transform you, how your thinking colors everything, and how every house must carry Arnica and Calendula healing ointment.

I LOVE FOOD… it literally makes my soul sing. I love cooking and go through stages where I am a recipe maniac but when I was healing my alopecia and autoimmune system I was making meal combos rather than recipes.  I was not going to add more stress to my life. Also when I’m hungry I’m HUNGRY so if it took less than 15 mins to make -I was in. Plus I was eating food in it’s most natural state so meal combos were what made it way easier for me to stay on AIP, the elimination diet.

My Ultimate Goal in life:

Live in a balanced body and mind, feel all the feelings, create gorgeous intimate connections with wonderful people…. and of course more horses and doggies. 

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