Alopecia + Auto-Immune

Alopecia, Autoimmune, ​and the Trauma State.

All paths lead to “source” is a common life phrase in reminding us to find our own way, not compare ours with others, that we will all end up connected at the promise land. When dealing with autoimmune issues, like alopecia I have a pretty massive hunch that all paths lead to the trauma state. Through our individual albeit traumatic life experiences our body which operates in tandem with our perceived realities, enters can sometimes get stuck in the loop that eventually becomes the bodies trauma state.

The Trauma State with Alopecia and Autoimmune Issues is Your Bodies Message that it Could Not Process What it was Meant To.

PTSD survivors or any other sort of trauma survivors like attachment trauma survivors understand the effects of trauma and how being “stuck” can affect your entire life. As Wikipedia clearly and accurately (Who knew!?) defines:

Trauma is often the result of an overwhelming amount of stress that exceeds one’s ability to cope, or integrate the emotions involved with that experience.

To be clear, there is no one bigger trauma than the other, it isn’t a “well mine wasn’t that bad compared to others” type thing. Remember that happy little saying above? It reminds us NOT to compare ourselves with ours and that includes when working on our traumas. Big or little it affected you and you may still be seeing the results today. You don’t have to prove your crazy, you just are and you know it;)

Trauma affects everyone differently. Your father letting go of your hand in a crowd where you were scared and a bomb going off in a neighborhood may elicit the same type of trauma reaction in your body. The bodies trauma state is something that can have different origins but manifests as the same response, inflammation. Inflammation is the fight or flight state our bodies processing system gets looped in that is the culprit for the beginning of a host of autoimmune issues. How our body decides to communicate our trauma state may be specific towards the individual and the communication methods we understand or are most vulnerable to.

When my hair started falling out due to my alopecia areata, THAT was the realization that something was very very wrong in my body. My body had communicated years prior through headaches, stomach aches, acne, weight loss, decreased energy etc, but only when the hair started to hit the floor did I say” OH HELL NAH!” Even as in touch with my body as I am, I still just moved through the messages because sometimes you just want to be “normal” and get along little doggy.

Inflammation and the Trauma State Could Be Linked to How Autoimmune Disease Develops In Your Body.

With over 80 different types of autoimmune diseases on the books right now, the one with they all have in common is inflammation. How inflammation happens is up to you:) To understand how inflammation develops one must take a holistic look at inflammation. Like nature, like the universe, there is not one part of the body that operates independently of another, not one.

My journey healing my own alopecia areata has brought me to my original holistic knowledge, that became affirmed understandings. Diet may be a great first step in healing or managing your alopecia or autoimmune issues but taking your body out of inflammation and the trauma state is number one. Changing your diet is a fantastic way to nurture your body and give your body the high-quality nutrients it desperately needs at this time, but even more so than that, an autoimmune diet interrupts the patterns.

You will see how changing your diet changes everything but in different ways than you suspected. Relationships to others, relationship to yourself, how you see yourself, how you see others, who you want to engage with, why you don’t, etc. are all observations that appear when you start eating for your healing.

Interuppting Patterns are Part of Any Healing Process Especially When Your Body is Stuck In the Physical Loop of the Trauma State.

Healing in itself is both gentle and fierce. Like a broken bone that is mending your body is creating something new that has been lost, severed, broken or crushed. Sometimes it is your spirit, sometimes it is your body, and most of the time it is both.

As you start your healing journey, take on the idea that where you are may not all be your fault. This doesn’t remove your own healing capabilities and responsibility but it gives you and your body space to gather new information, gather new healing, and back off the inflammation your body is currently experiencing.

Without stepping out of the body’s trauma state, you can eat all the avocados you want but your healing may be minimal or short-lived. To retrain the body you must start accessing knowledge that is also stuck somewhere in that trauma loop. Oddly the inflammation itself is your body desperately trying to heal itself, but the signals are crossed which is often what happens when dealing with trauma. Something happens we think one way, or body goes with it, but after the trauma threat is gone, we are still living in it.

Healing like life is a journey and there are ups and downs for sure. It doesn’t always give us the results we want but it gives us a deeper understanding into ourselves which may have been what we really needed after all.


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