The Importance of Resetting the Body from Stress.

Thinking you can go through life like the energizer bunny? Think again! A modern energizer bunny would be technologically advanced with a sleep mode, energy conservation mode, and a reset button. Life is full of stress which is not a bad thing but if you are not integrating stresses or resetting the body, then stress can be extremely damaging. If you are constantly in “go mode ” your health and wellbeing could be going going going, downhill.

Resetting the Body from Stress is Crucial For Maintaining Your Health.

Every computerized, intelligent system needs to have a sleep, shutdown or reset mode in order to optimally function. Your body is no different. In your brain alone there are 100 billion neurons, roughly 10 trillion connections. Your nervous system also contains 100 trillion connections. These two incredible computers are instrumental in your ability to process stress, trauma, pain, illness, and healing.


Why is that some people can live the most stressful lives and it seems as though they are completely unaffected by stress? Drugs. Just kidding. It is their natural, trained, or practiced abilities to reset their system.

Stress Can Throw Our Bodies Out of Whack.

If you are recovering from any sort of autoimmune dis-ease I’m sure you know this by now. Our ability to process and the levels of stress can put our body into a heightened state. Ongoing and continuous stress can summon our bodies fight or flight response. In a continuous state of stress, your body can develop inflammation and various other issues.

Resetting the body is so important because it helps us switch our bodies over from the fight or flight responses to the rest and digest responses. Rest and digest is where the magic happens, ya’ll.

Stress Happens To All of Us.

To address common misconceptions of how people handle stress let’s look at 3 imaginary people who you might know or want to be. We perceive them as such:

Person A

Person A seems like they are always naturally stress-free, they would be described as mellow, easy going, able to recover from stresses easily. I would call this person naturally resilient.

Person B

Person B seems like they are always on the go. Their life isn’t without struggle but they seem to move past them with vigor and determination. They experience stress but wouldn’t be called stressed out. Perhaps this person has trained themselves to be resilient and cope.

Person C

Person C typically can be stressed but is able to move through them on their own pace. They have stressful moments but always come back around and are able to keep moving forward. I would say this person is practicing how to be more resilient to their stresses. They take time to breathe, process, or reset and while they are not yet a master-they seem like they are currently in the process of practicing what destressing looks like.

These three people may have different stresses likely at different magnitudes. For some an overdraft of a bank account because they forgot a bill can be as stressful as a family member falling ill. The STRESS is not the issue and creating any sort of measurement around the notion that “my stress is more than yours” is in my experience mostly unhelpful.

I Live a REALLY Stressful Life, though.

I’m sure you do. If you are a human in 2018 and engage with more than 2 people per day, you likely experience some sort of stress. I would say the past 5 years or my entire life, has been extremely traumatic, but I also know that someone else in some part of the world has experienced may be the same and has a different temperament about their stress than I do.

Two of the main factors in determining how people can cope with stress is:

Emotional resilience

As cited by “Emotional resilience refers to one’s ability to adapt to stressful situations or crises.”

Some are born with more resilience than others, I was not, but have hope folks, because you CAN develop it. If at this point in your life you are realizing you have trouble getting over minor/major stresses and feel like your life is unchanging, it may be time to seek out a therapist who can help give you tools to build up your emotional resilience bank.

Sometimes we think we are adapting to traumas and situations but are in fact taking the first plane out of it. We don’t realize we are flying through emotional turbulence until our health systems start to alert us that something is off. For me, it was developing alopecia areata.

Ability to reset the body 

Resetting the body is one of the most preventive steps you can take to ward off illness, bodily upset, and keep yourself functioning at a high state. Lucky for you, your body has a built-in powerful reset button that is often overlooked…Sleep. Every night when your head hits the pillow your body is resetting itself and processing anything that is left over or perhaps couldn’t be processed during the day. It is rejuvenating the muscles, elongating the spine, and recalibrating your intense complex interior systems.

These two major factors can go a long way in keeping unwanted stresses at bay.

I can’t stress enough (the good kind of stress) if you are having trouble doing either of these on your own, reach out to someone and get some help. You can go to and search for trained therapists in your area who specialize in multiple methods.


My Favorite Ways to Reset the Body.

1. Sleep Hands down one of the most powerful methods in resetting and healing the body. Catch up on those zzz’s and if your body is telling you it needs more sleep- get it.


2. Breathe- This is science’s favorite mechanism for resetting the body and allow you to get some good miracle oxygen flowing through your veins. Deep breathing also calms the central nervous system which is paramount in destressing yourself.

3. Massage /Spa Day- Any excuse, am I right?! Massage has been shown to show significant improvements in stress, depression, and other illness.

4. Stay Home and Relax- If your life is always on the go, it’s likely your mind is too. It’s important to give both body and mind a break. Home is a secure sanctuary (hopefully) and enjoying it is often a really good option to reset your body and de-stress.


5. Vacation- Nothing like relaxing and resetting your body from stress like taking a vacation. Physically getting away can sometimes be more powerful than just mentally getting away.

6. Spend Time with Family- I chuckle about this a little bit because this can only apply if your family does not stress you out. If your “original” family gives you grief than it is totally okay to spend that reserved family time with your created family. You can also spend time with them on the phone. Really what you are looking for a place to be seen, heard, and supported. Anything that makes you feel like your normal self again.

7. Read a Book/ Go See a Movie- If you have anxious thoughts, spending extra time in silence with yourself and your thoughts aka meditating might not be the best option for you. You may be in a place right now where you need to occupy your mind rather than observe it. That’s okay, we are where we are. Reading a book or seeing a movie is a great way to engage your mind and let it transport you to someplace different from the stress of the present.

8. Yoga/Exercise- Getting your circulation going and oxygen flowing throughout your body is a very important method to resetting the body. If there is trapped energy or stress, the best thing to do is get things moving so all of it can release.

9. Get in Nature- Can you feel stressed in a forest? Probably, but the likelihood of it goes down. Nature, for centuries, has been a healing and cleansing place that cultures and tribes from all over the world have relied upon to ground, heal, and rebalance. 7D2D9EB8-4CE9-4595-A23E-78FF20A6A646

Get your socks and shoes off and put your feet on the ground. Earthing has scientific principles that are known to reduce inflammation and reduce stress.

Here is a wonderful article by Deepak Chopra whose books were always in my household growing up that talks about The Healing Benefits of Earthing. 

10. Cook a good meal- Cooking for me is creative, therapeutic and enjoyable when I know I’m creating something new. I also enjoy feeding others more than I enjoy feeding myself (Freudian slip much!) I love to nurture others and I do love to be nurtured in return. If cooking for others is something that de-stresses you then, by all means, invite friends or family over to enjoy that good meal you just made.

11. Spend some time in silence- This can be a good thing if you feel like you can’t hear your own thoughts. Get rid of all your electronics and the things that occupy you and enjoy YOURSELF:)

12. Celebrate- This is my favorite thing to do to reset my body! Throw yourself a party, invite people over, go to someone’s house. Celebrate life, yourself, anything, it doesn’t matter. Enjoying life releases all those good endorphins we so like. You do not ever need a reason to celebrate.


You are training your body to become receptive to rest and relaxation. Do not stress out if you can’t relax yet if you can chill for 10 seconds that is a reset success! Remember we are building our skills not flipping a switch to suddenly cope.




Celebrate this post and leave a comment below of your favorite ways to reset your body!


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