Tart Cherry Juice for Sleep and Other Common Sleep-Inducing Foods.

We all know sleep is so important for recharging your system. It is the bookend to our very busy and often stress-inducing days. Sleep is how we renew ourselves, let our bodies replenish, and set our minds at ease. If you aren’t getting enough or good quality sleep you feel it! Rest easy because tart cherry juice for sleep is one way to get those much-needed zzz’s.

4 Common Foods for Uncommonly Good Sleep.

I came upon these foods when I myself was in an incredibly stressful time and had spoken with a Doctor in an effort to get some shut-eye. She recommended these four foods that have been in the recent medical literature for helping people sleep. It is likely your house carries these common sleep-inducing foods and if not they are just a supermarket stop away.

Tart Cherry Juice for Better Sleep.

Cherries contain melatonin which is the miracle chemical that helps our bodies and brains rest. Sure you can buy melatonin capsules but you definitely aren’t going to receive the other antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits that tart cherries contain!


Note that it must be TART cherries and not just sweet cherries. 

Kiwi is Another Great Sleep-Promoting Food.

Most people know Kiwi is a major Vitamin C source but not everyone knows kiwi is a great food for promoting better sleep!


Did you know Kiwi is high in serotonin because I definitely didn’t?

Serontin is a very important brain chemical that regulates sleep cycles as well as your mood!

Hummus and Wheat Crackers Can Also Help You Sleep Better.

This is another food item that I had no idea could help me sleep better. Talk about how a conversation with your Doctor can change your life! Hummus is made from chickpeas, we all know, but did we all know that chickpeas contain tryptophan?! Again, no, no I did not.


This is beet hummus btw. Beets are great for digestion…what a combo!

Tryptophan is that wonderous amino acid that we often know is found in turkey. For years we thought it was the turkey that just made us sleepy, not the fact that we were 3 plates deep at thanksgiving and chugging wine am I right?

Well, tryptophan converts into serotonin which promotes better sleep and regulates our patterns. Wheat crackers and hummus can help you sleep better, who knew?

Sleep is NOT a waste of your time folks, it is a vital part of your bodily system meant to renew and help your body recover from the day and night previously lived. Sleep is essentially for your overall wellness, both physical and mental. And if you can’t get to sleep right away try any of the foods above!


Sleep is a great way to reset the body. Find out My Favorite Ways of Resetting the Body here.

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