Alopecia + Auto-Immune

Alopecia, T-cells and the Autoimmune Conversation Your Body is Having.

Without understanding what is happening inside your body, you can drive yourself crazy trying to formulate a plan that can “control” your hair loss. It seems like your body is having its own conversation and you aren’t included. Understanding alopecia, t-cells and the autoimmune conversation your body is having can help you strategize a treatment method and hopefully put you back in the healing conversation.

What is the Alopecia, T-cell and Autoimmune Conversation My Body is Having?

Just when it seems like your hair loss is “in control”, you notice another grouping of strands coming out in the shower. We have read the blogs and scoured the internet but maybe we still don’t really understand why our hair is STILL falling out. We know it’s an immune system response but why won’t it stop responding to stress!? We changed our diet, we feel calmer, isn’t that enough?

In discussing our immune system response we must understand the role of T cells and B cells. These small and powerful protectors keep our body functioning at its best…usually. When our body starts sensing a disruption or an imbalance they spring into action in an effort to stabilize, rebalance and heal us.


T-lymphoctyes are a type of white blood cell that are a part of the immune system. They perform several different functions in the body.  In science class we knew them as “killer cells”.  They help fight infection by fighting the perceived “invader” and can kill virus infected cells directly.


B-lymphoctyes, with the help of T-cells, secrete special antibody plasma cells that stick to “germs” and create clumps to alert your body to the presence of an intruder. B cells can help block these intruders from entering your healthy cells.

*Alopecia is defined as hair loss with T-cell infiltration.

From A Natural Scientist: T cells react to antigens- short bits of protein- but only when these bits of protein have been chewed up and presented on the surface of other cells. So for T cells to be in the scalp, they have to be reacting to a secondary stimulus: another cell has to have, wrongly, recognized a hair protein as foreign.

She goes on to quote: According to several papers, up to 90% of alopecia patients have antibodies to hair follicles or hair proteins in their blood. This means that a B cell has to have been stimulated to produce antibody.

My logic asks me how can we decrease stimulation? Working to calm your body and mind down, eating the right foods, giving yourself the space it needs to heal are all effective ways that can help promote healing in your system. But as some of us know, sometimes it is not enough as our T-cells have been “stuck” in action for longer than we may realize.


A short note on your lymphatic system:

Regulatory T-lymphocytes also known as Tregs live in the thymus gland is a lymphoid organ which is beneath the breastbone. Those T-cells control the immune response to natural and foreign particles (antigens) to help prevent autoimmune disease.

Spiritually speaking your thymus gland is between your throat chakra and the middle of your heart in the center of your chest and is the seat of your spiritual development. The thymus is a bit of a grinch gland that is large during childhood but shrinks as we get older!

This gland is associated with telepathy where we absorb energies from higher dimensions and the spiritual world and then let it flow and share from the heart. It’s also your inner healer.



Your thymus gland works as a moderator for your immune system. It supports the growth of your immune cells and metaphysically speaking is associated with our will to live as well as our will to survive.

My Alopecia, T-cell, and Autoimmune Conversation.

When my Alopecia areata developed I was in a very dark place in my personal life and I frequently had thoughts and feelings of death. I never wanted to end it, because I am a woman of the earth but I fantasized about nothingness often. I felt like not existing would be a wonderful change to the crap life I had made for myself. Throughout my healing, I have noticed that any time I have a thought like that, I can feel it take over my body and the next day, I am losing hair in the shower. Science is now proving how our thoughts and beliefs can affect our body and overall health system.

*****Please if you are having any sort of thoughts of suicide or harming yourself please reach out to a friend, family member, stranger, call center, etc. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. We want you here, you’re beautiful, and it does get better. ******


How Can I Get Involved In the Alopecia, T-cell and Autoimmune Conversation my Body is Having?

There is no 12-step plan here however in my healing I did notice there are many layers of healing. Being receptive and attending to each newly unveiled layer of need is, in my opinion, a great way to involve yourself with this autoimmune conversation.

The first “layer” in healing your immune system is reducing and hopefully stopping any abnormal inflammation. The body is activated and working a double shift as a communication device to alert you to the imbalances that have been occurring most likely for some time now. In that regard, we work from the outside in.

1. Diet is a great place to start.

If you’ve discovered the benefits of an elimination diet for your autoimmune condition, keep going to help bring that inflammation down! You can read about My No Fail Tips for Being Successful On the AIP Diet for inspiration.

After reintroductions of certain everyday foods, you may sometimes realize there is a whole other “door” open inside of you. Step inside folks and I would advise bringing a buddy.

2. Find a therapist to work.

Life after the AIP diet is full of emotions are ripe and ready to be observed. A therapist can help you with leftover emotions, those that haven’t been integrated attachment style, beliefs, and emotional patterns. Emotions and traumas are just another landmark in your healing journey.

You may notice as your body starts calming down, it has shown you another side of yourself and has given you some time and charge to keep focusing on your health and healing.

3. Redesign your life.

A redesign isn’t just for interiors. It is also for your life. After you have walked the sometimes long road of healing and continue to walk it, you might find you want different things for your life.

Take some time to redesign your life that fits within the new communication your body has given you. Even though it may not always feel like it, your body has your best interest in mind and is working to keep you within those boundaries.


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