Gentle Haircare Products for Alopecia
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Spotlight: My Favorite Gentle Haircare Products for Alopecia.

Extremely itchy scalp, serious dandruff, continuous hair loss, painful hair follicles and feeling like your scalp is on fire are just some of the symptoms of alopecia areata.  It is truly devastating to see large portions of hair strands fall from your hair during a shower but it is equally as torturing to feel like you want to itch your scalp off. I’ve been there folks. Through trial and error, I’ve found certain gentle haircare products for alopecia that really combat some of the symptoms we all experience.

The Best Haircare Products for Alopecia

Continuous hair loss from alopecia areata really makes you spring into action and adjust your hair care routine, like yesterday. There are usually two things someone suffering from alopecia looks for; relief and stopping the hair loss.

If you want to understand hair loss more I advise reading Understanding Alopecia and The Stages of Hair Growth so you can understand that “stop” is more like “prevent” at this point. We are all at different stages of hair loss as well as different stages of understanding how this can happen. Wherever you are here are the methods I used to gain relief, both physically and emotionally.

Haircare Products for Extreme Itching and Dandruff with Alopecia Areata

I had serious itching to the point where I thought I might have lice. I didn’t, it was the beginning of my body alerting me to an imbalance that would manifest into alopecia areata. These two products alieved the itching almost immediately.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I kept an old shampoo bottle and filled it with Apple Cider Vinegar. I poured it over my head in the shower and let it sit. If I didn’t have anywhere to be I would just shampoo and condition with that. You can also add chamomile tea and witch hazel to lessen the vinegar smell.

Gentle Haircare Products for Alopecia

Here is a relief mix recipe I have sitting in my shower now:

  • 3 parts Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 3 parts chamomile tea
  • 2 parts witch hazel (with aloe is okay too)
  • 1 part essential oil

If you don’t know by now from my posts, I use apple cider vinegar for everything and of course, shampoo is no exception.

Dandruff Shampoo

Zinc-based shampoos are great for itching. Mostly I use natural based products but folks, do what you have to do. Head and Shoulders worked very well to minimize the itching. It didn’t make additional hair fall out and it was a Godsend mixed with the Apple Cider Vinegar.

Here is How Anti-Dandruff shampoo works.

If you want to go more of the natural route there are a host of other zinc based shampoo’s you can find online. A topical zinc based shampoo though will most likely not aggravate your alopecia or cause more hair loss like other topical treatments more as really the inflammation is coming from the inside and this is about relief.

The Best Gentle Haircare Products for Alopecia Areata

When my hair loss from alopecia areata started I did change my hair care products to make sure I wasn’t leaving excess buildup or dirt on my hair follicles. I switched to natural shampoo’s with the exception of a zinc shampoo here and there for itching.

These are my favorite gentle haircare products:

Olivae Shampoo

Gentle Haircare Products for Alopecia

You can also look for other shampoo’s that contain pine tar and sulfur.  When naturally sourced these ingredients can actually help control itching and dandruff.

Rosemary Shampoo

Gentle Haircare Products for Alopecia


Gentle Relief When You have Painful Hair Follicles from Alopecia Areata.


When I say, “My hair hurts” I am not exaggerating. When inflammation strikes the hair follicles it can feel like pins and needles are sticking out of your scalp. I even just running my hands through my hair and simply changing the direction of my hair follicles made me yell out loud from pain. When you feel like you have painful follicles from alopecia areata, gentle methods of relief are the way to go.

Ice packs

Even though the inflammation is on the inside I did find relief from putting an ice pack on the painful area. This method is personal and not scientific as it was something I did just out of desperation but it helped!

I would definitely stay away from putting heat on your scalp as when a muscle is inflamed you don’t add heat first but cold.

Gentle follicle massage

When your hair follicles hurt, gentle pressing your scalp loosens some of the energy in that area. Massage also helps stimulate blood flow to the area which if you are already on an elimination diet such as this one, hopefully, those vital nutrients are already being carried to your hair follicles with healing white blood cells.

A note on Sodium Laurel Sulfate and Alopecia Areata

Many shampoos’s including natural shampoos can contain sodium laurel sulfate.

Sulfates are mineral salts containing sulfur. They are great for getting rid of dirt and build up relating to hair but they also have been known to dry out or irritate your scalp and skin.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can be derived from coconut oil or palm oil. This is more a personal choice to be frank. While most of my shampoos are naturally based I do tend to use shampoo’s every now and then that contain sodium laurel sulfate because I want fabulous supermodel hair. I’ve made my peace with it and I haven’t had any bad reactions from it.


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