Mamey and Red Reishi Mushroom

The Mamey and Red Reishi Mushroom Smoothie: An Immune Boosting Smoothie You’ll Want To Try.

It’s finally summer which means the season of the smoothie is beginning! Smoothies are a great way to make sure you’re getting your greens, nutrient boosts, and add in any morning proteins if you are an on the go gal (or guy). Green smoothies are the tried and tested smoothie of the wellness community but my favorite smoothie is one that boosts your immunity and calms your central nervous system in the process. The Mamey and Red Reishi Mushroom smoothie are one to add to the smoothie menu this summer.

Mamey and Red Reishi Mushroom are Serious Immune Boosters.

First things first, what the hell is Mamey? Oh it’s a fruit of course! Alos known as mamey sapote, it is a fruit commonly consumed in the Latin American community. Native to Cuba and Central America this fruit has a really interesting and unique texture that is actually kind of creamy and used in ice cream and shakes!

Its flavor is kind of like pumpkin mixed with sweet potato mixed with almond and maybe cantaloupe. It’s complicated, also delicious, so do try it.

Mamey and Red Reishi Mushroom

Mamey looks like a big almond basically. If it’s ripe it should have no outside blemishes and be slightly soft if squeezed. If you are like I said, an on the go girl like me, you might want to purchase the frozen versions from Hispanic groceries. They have no other ingredients added and they are easy and yummy.

The Health Benefits of Mamey is Impressive.

Mamey has antiseptic properties as well as high levels of antioxidants. Containing vitamin C, A, B’s, vitamin E and minerals like copper, calcium, iron, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, manganese and my favorite magnesium, this wondrous fruit is used and recommended for calming the central nervous system.

This is a big big deal for folks with autoimmune issues. Yes the gut is important, yes your hormones are important, but how do you think the imbalance is entering your system? The central nervous system! Your central nervous system is like the gatekeeper to your health! When beginning to heal or balance any autoimmune issue, calming the central nervous system is key.

Mamey also contains carotenoids which are great for preventing and fighting infection as well as chronic disease. This is another miracle fruit.

Talk to Me about Red Reishi Mushroom.

Well, mushrooms are no joke. They are instrumental in healing your immune system. Mushrooms have been used for centuries in various parts of the world, especially Traditional Chinese medicine. It is translated as the spirit mushroom or mushroom of immortality.

While not all mushrooms are medicinal in nature the ones that are have been known to cure disease and fight illness.

Red Reishi Mushroom is indeed a medicinal mushroom and superfood. Whether you consume Red Reishi Mushroom in a tea, powder form (like I do), dried or fresh, you’re going to get some good benefits.

Mamey and Red Reishi Mushroom

Not only can it improve your immune system but it can also aid liver function and increase your energy. A win, win, win.

It has a bit of bitter taste but is definitely not gross;)

The popularity of Red Reishi Mushrooms is growing and definitely trending even though science has yet to fill in the gaps for the credibility of this amazing mushroom superfood. I wouldn’t worry though, science is usually the last one on the scene and always changing:) If cultures have been using these as wellness maintainers since 221 BC, it’s god enough for me. (That was a typo but it feels right when speaking about this amazing mushrooms.)

How to Make the Best Mamey and Red Reishi Mushroom Smoothie.

If you are using the frozen mamey for your smoothie this will be easy breezy. You can also use fresh mamey and have it precut and ready to go for the morning. I love drinking this smoothie first thing in the morning because it really sets my system up for success.


Mamey and Red Reishi Mushroom

Here’s the recipe to get in on this smoothie action:

  • 1/4 cup of mamey (about 1/4 of the frozen mamey)
  • 1 banana
  • 1/4-1/2 cup almond and/or coconut milk (the coconut milk makes nice and creamy)
  • 1 tablespoon Red Reishi Mushroom
  • Fill remainder of Nutribullet to the line

Blend and enjoy!

I really love this smoothie and I really love these ingredients. This smoothie is definitely more on the sweeter side but if you are looking for more of a balanced smoothie check out:

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