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Spotlight: My Holistic Beauty Product Stash!

I have a major holistic beauty and skincare stash. Aside from buying high-quality supplements and fancy organic powders, it’s my favorite thing in the world to purchase. I have pretty sensitive skin which is actually my secret weapon in finding the very best holistic beauty products. If my skin doesn’t like it, it’s because there is usually something sneaky hiding in there that irritates my sweet baby skin.  Reader requested, here are my go-to holistic beauty products:

My Favorite Holistic Beauty Routine for Day (and Night).

Oh ya, you read that right. I use the same cleansers and creams pretty regularly for daytime and nighttime wear. One thing I’ve learned- the secret to getting your skin under control is consistency. People with perfect skin don’t have good genes, (sometimes they do), or access to the best holistic beauty products, it’s just that they are diligent skincare soldiers who stay consistent with their skincare routines.

For a daytime facial refresh or nighttime makeup remover:

I love Burts Bee’s facial cleansing towelettes for sensitive skin. They actually do gently take off your makeup and always make my skin feel super fresh. They also don’t strip the acid away from my face, which is actually a good thing. Sometimes in the morning I use one and refresh my face before applying toner, lotion, and my makeup.

That’s right folks, eat all the alkaline foods you want but keep those alkaline products away from your skin! Did you know your skin’s PH sits closer to 5.5?

Holistic Beauty

For evening and morning cleansing:

I use Destiny Boutique Charcoal Facial Detox. I got this as a gift and I have since bought it in bulk. It does NOT dry out your skin, as it is very gentle, but also removes excess dirt without again, stripping your facial acid. This cleanser is one of the only one’s I’ve found that actually cleans, clears and does not cause random breakouts. I’m a huge fan.

My favorite toner is either really expensive or homemade:

I love Dr. Hauschka’s Facial Toner because it gives my skin this GLOW…. it’s also $37. So whenever I can’t spend $37 on my beloved toner because I spent I spent $90 on a night serum(you’ll see below), I make my own DIY toner.

GreenBananaGirl PSA:  We all know I am all about balance, accessibility, and making this stuff fun. My favorite place to get holistic beauty products is TJMaxx and Marshalls. They have amazing brands and are definitely flying under the radar for holistic skincare. While I do splurge on skincare every once in a while, I balance it out by drugstore finds, DIY beauty, and samples from Sephora:)

GreenBananaGirls’s DIY Toner:

Tip. Save your Dr. Hausckha’s toner spray bottle.

  • 3 parts witch hazel
  • 4-5 sprigs of organic Thyme
  • 1 part apple cider vinegar

Pour them in the bottle and let them sit for a few hours to really soak the thyme. Spritz on your face and enjoy!

We want to think that you have to send skincare bombs to your face to get your skin to behave but actually, less is always more. Just like your body, your skin needs gentle reminders of how to rebalance. If you are eating a nutritious diet and getting your gut, hormones, and stress levels in check, then gentle skincare is the way to go.

Eye creme:

Yes, I have started using an eye creme. A sad, sad day in the life of GreenBananaGirl. The one I have been loving is Jeffrey James Botanicals: The Eye Creme which I just saw sells for over $30 at target.. but I definitely bought it for under $10 at TJMaxx!

Quick tip for refreshing and brightening under your eyes – citrus fruit. Yes, cucumbers are great but citrus fruits are closer to your skin’s PH level:)

My Favorite Holistic Beauty Moisturizers, Toners, and Serums.

After a lifelong search for the perfect moisturizer, I have found two that are my go-to beloved moisturizers and no it ain’t coconut oil.

Aveeno positively radiant daily moisturizer with SPF 15 is a drugstore buy that is gentle and light on my skin. It may not be 100% natural, but my skin responds to it well. No breakouts, no clogging, no oiliness, PLUS sun protectant. It is FREE of Lanolin, Coconut, Topical Antibiotic, MCI/MI, Nickel, Gluten, and Propylene Glycol. It’s also common preservative free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and soy free.

Holistic Beauty

My other all-time favorite is Weleda Skin Food which you can get at WholeFoods or Target for $8 and change. Weleda products, in general, are fantastic. I also use their Evening Primrose Oil in the summer in lieu of lotion for my leggies.

Holistic Beauty


Andalou Naturals is also another brand I really like. The probiotic creme is nice for the day, but I do notice for me it’s a little heavier on my skin. They also have a great lightening serum with tumeric and vitamin C for while you sleep.

My Favorite Holistic Beauty Products for Dry Skin.

I live in the Midwest, why I don’t know, but the winters get really dry out here. I obviously lotion my face up with either Aveeno or the Weleda Skinfood which tends to add a little more oiliness, which I actually need during the winter.

Sibu beauty Sea Buckthorn Hydrating Serum is my under the radar favorite natural beauty company.

 Holistic Beauty

If I am super dry I also will spritz by DIY Thyme Toner on my face on the regs.

My Favorite Holistic Beauty Products for a Skin Boost.

Skin boosts are needed during your period, during pain in the ass winter months, or just when you really need to look like you are 25 again.

I’m a simple gal so I do not EVER load up my face with a million products. It goes against all principles I was raised on (Homeopathy), that less is more, and a single “dosage” does more than multiple. Find yourself “miracle products” rather than multiple products.

Enter Drunk Elephant T.L.C. FRamboos Glycolic Night Serum. Yes, this is the $90 serum I was telling you about above, but it is the one product I know works for me, without a doubt. It’s my secret weapon product that ALWAYS mysteriously makes me look 25 again.  I’ll buy it until I die.

Pro tip: Get a sample from Spehora and try it out a few times before you buy it. It’s a great beauty product but it may not be your miracle buy. 

Holistic Beauty

Boscia, Boscia, Boscia. How can I count the ways in which I love Boscia products? You can actually find their super fun mask peels at TJMaxx regularly. This Boscia Luminizing Black Mask always takes off the dead skin cells and really preps my face to breathe. The Boscia Green Tea Oil-Control Mask is one worth having as well.

All the Holistic Beauty Masks, Peels, and Serums!

I don’t get facials because I’ll be honest, I trust no one with my skin. I know what works and what doesn’t and I love doing my own skincare routines at home with a good cup of tea.

You know you found a good holistic beauty product when you would actually buy it again. The below 5 are my repeat holistic beauty buys.

Holistic Beauty

Before I found my million dollar Drunk Elephant Serum, I found Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask. If you cannot justify spending $90 on my fav serum, this pumpkin mask is a nice swap. While it doesn’t have the acidity power of the Drunk Elephant it does contain enough acid to remove dead skin cells and leave your face with a glow. I love everything about this mask form the texture to the results.

Holistic Beauty has taken over regular skincare which is the best thing to happen since Whole Foods started selling Homeopathic remedies! I obviously hoard beauty products because it is my second love, but I really believe less is more.


Holistic Beauty

Have fun and remember:

  1. Find your total favs and stick with them for a bit.
  2. Put your good shoes on and take a trip to TJMaxx to hunt for some of these gems.
  3. Pick one splurge item that you know works with your skin.
  4. If it’s under $10- BUY IT!

Happy Holistic Beauty Hunting!


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