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The Top 8 Homeopathic Remedies For Alopecia Areata

I’ve used Homeopathy as a natural healing modality for EVERYTHING, with Alopecia Areata as no exception. It is a gentle energetic healing method that works WITH your system rather than against, which in these times of immune system defecting are preferred. There are a number of homeopathic remedies for alopecia areata that will help activate your immune system healing.

Homeopathic Remedies for Alopecia are a Natural Treatment Option.

If your immune system is already fighting your body, logically an analogous healing modality would work well. Homeopathic remedies can serve as a reminder that your biological inflammatory response was meant to heal not continue to attack.

When you first notice your Alopecia, you panic and ask for whatever mutant steroid they can inject into your head.  You want your hair to grow back by TOMORROW! Then when you calm down, after the initial despair you do some research. If the side effects of injections seem too much for you, you eventually decide you’ll follow an alternative healing. You are in fact convinced that the steroid injection would suddenly grow a beard and/or extreme mustache. Homeopathic remedies for alopecia areata are here to prevent that unwanted beard.

Homeopathy can act as an accompaniment to the lifestyle changes you’re already making such as diet or stress reduction. It has no side effects, can be taken with any other medication, and compared to other western medicine is incredibly cost effective. Your bottle of probiotics costs more than your homeopathic remedy.


The beauty of Homeopathy is that it is meant to be a teaching medicine where you can learn and implement immediately! While I did grow up going to my Homeopathic Doctor, we also attended many FREE seminars that left us with incredible knowledge. When’s the last time YOUR Doctor offered a free seminar to teach you about your body?

During these teaching seminars we learned of our own healing capabilities.  We understood the process of homeopathic remedies and our bodies’ ability to respond to gentle reminders.

Homeopathic Remedies for Alopecia Areata Work with it, Not Against it.

Homeopathy is a natural healing practice that uses the principle “like cures like” to trigger or remind your body that it can start the healing process. This is especially beneficial with immune system dis-orders. Inflammation, which all immune system dis-orders share is the first step in your bodies’ healing process. It is only when the inflammation is constant do the cells turn on the body and in the case of Alopecia, destroy your hair follicles.

Using low low dosages of natural materials that mimic the physical manifestation or “pains” of your ailment acts as friend rather than foe. In Western medicine we are taught that MORE medicine means MORE healing and that is simply not the case. Your body needs a reminder not a battalion of chemicals blasted off in every direction. Homeopathic remedies for alopecia areata act as that gentle reminder. They are a nudge not a push.

How to Choose Your Homeopathic Remedy

Finding your homeopathic remedy for alopecia areata can be relatively simple by accessing your current symptoms, moods, emotions, cravings and physical manifestations. Most people have similar symptoms which thankfully is covered by these Homeopathic remedies.

By going through your symptoms and choosing your remedy you are able to start addressing your body’s current state. If seeing a Homeopath is of value to you ( it’s always of value!) then by all means go. Depending where our body is at we may need a higher potency Homeopathic Remedy that they can lead us towards.

Abchomeopathy.com is a great resource online that will help you choose the best remedy based on the symptoms you input.

If this is new to you and you are curious then the following remedies are a good place to start. I currently take Sepia as its qualities are dead on with my symptoms. “Impatient, snappish attitude.”..who me? Yes me.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Alopecia Areata.

There are many great homeopathy books out there. An easy intro to natural medicine is The Complete Guide to Homeopathy written by Dr. Andrew Lockie and Dr. Nicole Geddes. Many remedy profiles below have been adapted and input here to maintain correct symptomatic language in helping you match your profile. I grew up with a different reference book but the remedy profiles are always the same- this book just has nice pictures! These remedies should be taken if the symptoms match the symptoms you currently have.


As a reminder homeopathic remedies aren’t toxic and have no side effects. Have at em!



Symptoms include: Right sided complaints and symptoms, low or lack of self-confidence. Fear in new situations or undertaking new things. Digestive disturbances, violent itching, symptoms worse with warmth better by cold applications. Supports liver function, hair loss, premature graying of the hair and baldness. Sudden outbursts/temper.

Feels better: Better at night. From being active. In cool, fresh air. From hot foods and drinks. From loose clothing.

Feels worse: From wearing tight clothes. From fasting or overeating. Between 4am and 8am and 4pm-8pm.



Symptoms include:  Predominantly a women’s remedy. Baldness, menopausal, hair pains when touched because of extremely sensitive roots. Impatient, snappish attitude, sensitivity to cold air. Circulatory problems, history of headaches. Derived from cuttlefish ink.

Feels better: With rigorous exercise. From fresh air and warmth. Better when occupied.

Feels worse: In the early morning and evening. On the left side. Premenstrually. In dull thundery weather (but also loves thunderstorms).


Natrum Muriaticum

Symptoms include: Hair loss in anemic females, hair loss from stress or grief

Feels better: From fresh air. In a firmer type bed. From sweating.

Feels worse: Lying on left side. From overexertion. Between 9am-11am. In cold, thundery weather, in stuffy heat, hot sun, and sea air.



Symptoms include: Patchy baldness, dryness of scalp and hair, dandruff, itchy scalp, hair falls in handfuls while combing, frontal baldness, thin physique long fingers and high cheekbones, weakness with excess emotional vulnerability and impressionability, extremely sympathetic of others, fearful when alone, better in company.

Feels better: With sleep. From fresh air. If rubbed or stroked.

Feels worse: From mental and physical exertion. In the mornings and evenings.


Phosphoric Acid

Symptoms include: Any grief leading to hair fall, takes stress easily, difficult comprehending things, craves juice drinks, long-standing effects of mental agony, lives in state of shock, progressive thinking of hair. Apathetic and restless.

Feels better: With warmth and after a short sleep.

Feels worse: If cold and in a draft. Near noise.


Fluoricum acidum or Fluoric Acid

Symptoms include: Tendency to develop alopecia in families, brittle hair, hair falls in spurts. Vertex baldness, hair tangles easily, buoyant attitude towards life.  Extreme irritability and anger.  All complaints aggravated by warmth and better by cold application.

Feels better: From cold compresses, from fresh air.

Feels worse: With heat.



Symptoms include: Hot face/hands/feet. Self centered, opinionated, lazy and messy.  Craves sweets and spices. Itchy rashes, excessive and offensive sweat. Light sleep, baldness.

Feels better: From physical exertion, in fresh, dry, warm weather.

Feels worse: In a hot bed, from washing. From pro-longed standing. In stuffy rooms. Around 11am.



Symptoms include: Hair falls out on sides, patchy baldness. Chilly overweight patient, itchy humid eruptions on scalp. Constipation.

Feels better: With warmth, but needs fresh air. With sleep, in the dark and from eating.

Feels worse: In cold, damp air, with a draft. From using steroids to suppress skin eruptions. During menstruation. From sweet foods and seafood.


How to Take Your Homeopathic Remedy

When you take your homeopathic remedy for alopecia areata you might notice an initial increase in your symptoms. Read here to understand more about commonly overlooked healing signs. That’s a great sign and means you have taken the correct remedy! It is working with your body and is ready for healing action. The initial increase will subside after the first few days and your body will be on a healing role.

When taking your homeopathic remedy take it separately. Do not eat or drink anything for 10 minutes before or after. Do not open it around strong smells, put in the sun or extreme temperatures. Also very important you do not touch it. Simply turn the top until the little balls fall out into the cap and tip them into your mouth.


Our Homeopathic Doctor was originally a Western Medical Doctor. He came to Homeopathy because he felt western medicine was limited in its ability to really treat an illness. Based on my Homeopathic Doctor’s recommendations growing up take your ready as such:

Take 1-3 balls 3 times a day for the first week or so. After the symptoms subside you can take 1 ball twice a day for another week.

You do not need to continue taking it throughout your entire ailment but rather only when you notice the symptoms coming back. You need to allow your body time inbetween to do its own healing. The break will help your body understand it’s own messages rather than the ones you are sending it with the homeopathic remedy.

Where to Buy Your Homeopathic Remedies

Thankfully with Homeopathy becoming more known, you can pick up remedies at Whole Foods, some health foods stores or easily online. The best quality remedies are usually made in the UK but the three below are great trustworthy sources.

You can order online from any of these suppliers as well as finding them in health food stores.



Helios Homeopathy

*Boiron is probably the most well-known brand and you can find that in the vitamin section at Whole Foods.


As a reminder, I am not a medical professional in any way. My family grew up using homeopathy and I can personally speak to its incredible healing methods. During my healing journey with alopecia areata I also took a remedy which absolutely contributed to my hair growth success.

Homeopathy is a great healing alternative that you can add to any of your current healing methods. It is gentle, safe, and in my humble opinion a better alternative to most western medicine that can disrupt your system rather than support it.

Just remember homeopathic remedies for alopecia areata are not a miracle cure that will suddenly have your hair blooming like spring flowers. For however long it took your alopecia to appear can be as equally long to heal. The best mantra to support any healing in your body  are with three power words: gentle, nurture, patience.




    • greenbananagirl

      Hi AAV… neither. They are in tiny little ball form and they don’t work under the same idea as supplements and vitamins which are a consistent basis. They work with the ailment when it appears, essentially increase the symptoms (because they are mirroring the illness to jumpstart the bodies natural healing process) and work with the whole rather than one specific part. No there are no reactions or effects which is why so many people think it’s fake. I’ve grown up on it and I’ve also seen it work on animals and I can tell you..it’s a wonderful way to support your healing:)


    Hello.. Green Banana Girl….!! Very informative and helpful article for Alopecia Areata so far. Apart from this i was wondering, is there any specific content based hair oil that we can apply on hair on regularly basis. If yes can you suggest any of them ?. Thank You.. 🙂

    • greenbananagirl

      Hi Dhaval!

      I didn’t use a specific hair oil because I knew it was an inside-out job. However, sulfur based shampoos and ointments like from onion juice are helpful and I read others also had success with slowly and very very gently stimulating the hair growth follicles. Mostly this whole thing is really adopting the understanding that this is a long-term journey with slow long-term growth. As fast as hair can fall out, it does NOT grow back in that fast. And truly the hair fall out process is a longer process that we just usually don’t notice until we see the hair falling. I had really bad itchy scalp so I washed with apple cider vinegar often to be able to make it through the day without wanting to itchy my scalp off. 🙂

    • greenbananagirl

      Hi Denise! So with homeopathy, it is more based on affectation rather than manifestation if that makes sense. Really any of these can be used if your symptoms align with the remedy profile. I’m not a Doctor but my experience with Homeopathy has always been one of gentle methods and time as it is working with your system. I also can only speak to my experience with areata but Homeopathy doesn’t carry the negative symptoms other medicines do so that’s a plus. Like always I have to say legally (probably) check with your Doctor:) Keep me posted and best healing wishes to you!

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