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10 Unmistakable Signs Your Body is Healing from Inflammation.

If you haven’t gone to the depths of your body and soul to heal yourself, you may not recognize the signs of healing. It is a gentle, subtle, and sometimes confusing process but there are 10 unmistakable signs your body is healing from inflammation.

How to Tell if Your Body is Healing From Inflammation.

Illness in any form can be a long and tumultuous journey. When the first signs of healing start to surface we often don’t realize it as we are naturally impatient. We want results as soon as we decide we don’t like what’s going on in our body. Growing up on homeopathy I learned that your body has the innate knowledge to heal itself and how to recognize those healing “pains” when they appear.

If you have experienced any of these recently it can be good news. Continue what you are doing and give your body the space it needs to heal you.

Physical Signs Your Bodies Inflammation is Going Down.

1. Spinal cracking

Have you noticed your back is cracking a lot? That’s a great healing sign! If you are dealing with an auto-immune issue your central nervous system has a big role in healing/damaging your immune system. Your nerves which send messages to your glands, send messages to your white blood cells, that send them on the attack in your immune system, live in the spine. The nerves in your spinal cord travel all the way up to your brain. They are responsible for sending signals and messages to the rest of your body.

If inflammation occurs so does extreme tension. Back cracking is your bodies signal to you, that space and healing is being created around your spine and nerves. With that healing space, your central nervous system is able to send correct messages to the rest of your body and not the “fight or flight” ones it has been previously sending.

2. Muscles feel like jelly


When your muscles start to relax, your circulation improves and so does your over all health. Tension in the muscles is a sign your body is not functioning optimally. Even athletes know their muscles should allow for movement and blood flow while not being dead stuck to your bones. Muscles are there to support the skeletal system not encapsulate it.

3. Itching

Are you becoming itchy all over? That’s a good sign that your blood flow is increasing and gathering in those areas. When a open wound starts to itch it means your white blood cells have gathered in the area to heal, your body is no different.

If you have a physical auto-immune ailment, like Alopecia, an itchy scalp around the hairless area can mean there is movement in the right places. When I was growing back my own hair from alopecia areata, itching was a signal during the healing process that new hairs were on the move.

4. An increase in heat or symptomatic pain

If you have noticed a slight increase in your symptoms while in a healing pattern, this is your body’s message to you that rejuvenation is taking place. When you notice  increased heat of physical symptoms or increased targeted pain this can mean that your vital energy is being released and your body is shedding the old.

If the increase in pain happens in conjunction with the above mentioned traits don’t panic. Though at any time if you internally feel something is not right, I do advise reaching out to a medically professional. Just a friendly reminder I am not one:)

5. You are losing weight.

When you notice you are losing weight after stabilizing your ailment this can mean your energies are being used in a different way they normally have been. Healing requires energy and your body will likely send all it’s extra energy to the unbalanced areas to mend.

6. You are hungry all the time. 


Talk about energy burning! If you are in rejuvenation mode your body may be using all the energy it can get. Make sure you are giving it adequate vital nutrients to aid it’s natural process. My favorite energy boosters are: avocados, plantains, sweet potatoes, olive oil, coconut oil, and mangos.


Spiritual Signs Your Body’s Inflammation is Healing.

7. Time feels longer.


When you begin to heal your mind your perceptions change. During times of illness your entire being transitions from a healthy state to an unbalanced state. You can feel like one giant walking nerve, affected by everything. The world speeds by you and nothing is in your control.

Because healing is such a gentle process, time or your perception of time begins to transition. The day seems longer and you are able to slow your interactions with everything you engage with.

8. You’re more emotional than usual.

If you have been battling inflammation and your body is “stuck” in that fight mode, once the balancing begins everything that has come to the surface will still be there. Your body has been sending you messages and it will continue to do so until you decide to hear it. As your entire body adjusts to support this new recovery, intentional space is created in your body, mind, and spirit.


I talk a lot about hibernation during this healing period and removing stimulus from outside areas of your life for a time. Just this week, based on my crazy interactions and reactions I realized I needed to hibernate and rebalance because I was not ready to function in the world. I enjoyed my new soft comforter, Passi flora tea, and reruns of Game of Thrones. I declined social invitations (suddenly there were an abundance of them), explained to my closest friends I need an emotional hibernation period, and went straight home after work.

9. You want to be alone.


Solitude is the place where the magic happens. If you are craving solitude it could be for the above emotional reasons or that you just need to rest, sleep, and recuperate. Solitude allows you to be with your feelings, thoughts, and body undisturbed. It is essential at some point during your healing journey.

You will often find people naturally moving away from you during this time as if your body is giving off “leave me alone” signals.

10. You FEEL like you are healing.

Nothing like knowing your are healing by the actual feeling of healing. Like love, you know it when you feel it. When your body starts to rebalance you feel stronger, deeper, and more open. Even in the weakness you can feel the strength as your body realigns itself to return to its natural state. Let your mind follow along as you know your body is working its ancient wisdom to make you strong and balanced once again.


What to Do When You Recognize the Signs Of Healing.

Remember healing takes time and is not something to be rushed, pressured, or ignored. Your body will lead the way if you let it. Remove the fear and panic. Become knowledgeable about your ailment so when the signs of healing surface you can support them by getting out of your own way.

It is hard to trust something (your body) that initially feels like it betrayed you. I have felt such similar pains towards my body until I realized I was the one who betrayed it. There is a grand grace that takes place when you understand your own functional processes and how you can support or destroy them.

However illness came to you whether by your own induction (personal method), genetically, or without rhyme or reason, be good to yourself and be good to your body. Sometimes that’s all we can do being good to yourself can make all the difference when healing.






  • Shanya

    Hi again, Banana Girl. It’s been about 7 weeks on the AIP diet since my last post on your site. I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance along the way-I’ve come back to this site so many times whenever I needed ideas for recipes (yes, tostones!), encouragement, and reassurance that while this path is difficult at times, it’s the right one for me. I very quickly decided that I did not want to try steroids (as I’ve had reactions to them in the past) and intuitively knew this was the next stage in learning to trust myself in a more holistic way. It has been a time of spiritual, emotional, and creative renewal. (And I’ve even seen my hair growing back!) The greater lesson, though, has been aligning who I am with what/where I spend my time and processing things I’ve hidden in the shadows, with the relationships I have with family and friends and ultimately, the one I have with myself. It has made me a much more relaxed person and is ushering in this feeling of joy and playfulness I forget somewhere along the way. Looking forward to continuing the journey with curiosity and openness.

    • greenbananagirl

      Hi Shanya!

      This is so exciting! Congrats on 7 weeks! What an incredible space you made for your healing and your intuition! This is a learned skill I really believe so kudos to you. Yes, this diet and healing path is so much deeper than we realize when we start the diet so I totally understand. I am right here with you as far as bringing all those things to light and boy is it something. Now that my bodies back on track, the old old stuff is knocking at the front door. I am so glad you are in such a good place and have such a positive mindset. It’s hard to keep it sometimes especially when you can feel so lost in the growth that is happening. I am so glad you found the site and left this beautiful comment. I hope everyone sees this and feels the hope and gratitude I feel from reading it. So happy and excited for you!

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