Personal Love Letters, Supplements and Tub Tea… Making this Valentine’s Day All About Me.

This Valentine’s Day I am loving self-healing and wellness right into my body. Skip the jewelry, flowers and whatever else you picked up at CVS on the way home. February 14th is all about self-action and self-love. I’m going to spend the day feeling good, doing great, and surrounding myself with even better because this year it’s all about ME…and you.

 My favorite things to do on Valentine’s Day.. for myself.

The universe and your body might I add, responds to how you feel so get yourself in a good mood by welcoming in good thoughts and good energy. Listen to your favorite music, wear your favorite outfit, or my favorite-stay in bed a little longer! Here are some self-love Valentine’s Day ideas:

Love yourself with some DIY tub tea.

tub tea, bath tea, tea bath, bath soak

Tub tea, tea baths or bath soaks as they can be called are gaining some steam. These are easy DIY’s and can be done with your favorite calming feel good teas like chamomile or green. Throw in some Epsom Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Essential Oil and flowers and float your way into self nurturing.
DIY Tub Tea Needs:
Coffee filter or metal tea ball
String/rubber band
Essential Oils or Flower Esscence
Epsom Salt or Himalayan Pink Sea Salt
Coconut Oil
Use Chamomile, Green or Arnica Tea – which is great for sore muscles and soothing.  Loose or bagged is fine, organic preffered of course.
Drop in Essential Oils or your favorite Flower Essence to give your Tub Tea a little extra floral something.
Epsom and Himalayan Pink Salt pull toxins from your system and relax muscles from all that Magnesium! A scoop of either are fine.
Flowers make you feel like a goddess! Roses are super soft and the oils will definitely make their way to your skin.
You can always add a little Coco Oil for extra softness.
tub tea, bath tea, tea bath, bath soak
*Put tea, a scoop salt, and a few drops of essential oil in the middle of the coffee filter. Take loose ends and tie up to make a little ball. The ball will be tight so just make sure you have enough to tie the ends off to prevent your ingredients from falling out. You can also go self-nurturing crazy and fill your entire bath with flower petals and sprinkle in extra Salts for extra relaxation. Soak and enjoy!

 This year I’m treating my body to some supplemental love.

In my healing process I am taking needed supplements for my body but this Valentine’s Day I am treating myself to the supplements I’ve been eyeing. Yes folks, supplements really do it for me. If you haven’t heard, my silly little self induced my own Alopecia Areata and I’ve been making up with my body ever since. We obviously had a falling out of love and hair so this Valentine’s Day I am bringing the love back.
Everyone can use extra gut health so my supplements always support that. I picked up Vital Protein’s Marine Collagen, a restock on my Slippery Elm Bark, and some vegetarian probiotics to really get me going.

 Write yourself personal love letters.

Your environment is super important to your overall wellbeing. Your “environment” can mean the space you live in, the thoughts you think, or the people you invite into your world. Physically, energetically or mentally you are taking in or putting out vibes. Noticed you keep attracting assholes? Raise your energetic vibration and write yourself some personal love letters!
Not much of a writer? One of my all time favorite books/collections of poems to flip through is Love Poems from God: Twelve Sacred Voices from East and West. Rumi, Hafiz and other mystics and saints talk about love in this beautiful work and it’s a sure way to get you into the self loving state of mind.
 personal love letters
Not much of a reader or writer? People, please.
Watch a movie that reminds you how beautiful it is to be human or visit a friend that loves you just for who you are. Cook your favorite meal, listen to your favorite music, make every action a love letter to yourself!
Single this Valentine’s Day? Lucky you! Love yourself the way you forgot to teach your previous partners how they should have loved you.
Coupled? Be relationship revolutionary and today rather than doing the things most couples will do on Valentine’s Day.. let your partner be free. (Not like that-unless that’s your thing and then do you!) Let them take a day to relax at home, watch sports, go shopping, order separate takeout orders, binge watch Netflix. Love your partner into their own feel good mood by letting go of Valentine’s Day expectations and letting everyone spend their day how they want to.
Kids? Remind those kids to speak out what they love about themselves. Negative self talk and thoughts start early so make sure you stop that crap train in its tracks.
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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