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Serious Natural Remedies to Fight the Flu Before it F*&%s You up this Flu Season.

The flu is F^%$ing with us big time this year! Guess who just got over it- this Greenbananagirl! If you are around strangers or children one of them may be trying to give you the flu, children especially because they are full of germs. For those who are not getting the flu shot and needing some natural tips I’m your gal.

Fight the flu this scary flu season.

I am not a Doctor and people are out here dying from the flu so if you feel like today is the day- get your ass to the Doctor. If you are like me and have made their peace with death you may want to fill your body with the following:
1. Raw garlic.
No I am not kidding. Allicin is a powerful antibacterial that is only present after garlic is crushed and before you heat the life out of it. This is my miracle cure that helps me bounce back every time. If I get lazy and don’t eat it- my flu goes on and on and I question myself why I didn’t just eat the damn raw garlic.
2. Mushrooms.
You must hate by now telling you to eat raw garlic and mushrooms, but trust me. You know what mushrooms are full of? Selenium. Selenium helps white blood cells produce antimicrobial types of fiber that fight infection.
3. Chicken soup.
See I’m not crazy. Chicken soup, preferably the organic type is great because it’s a broth and a stew and is gentle on your digestion and your tummy. If nothing else we have been brainwashed into believing chicken soup will make us get better (it really will) and that belief alone is what will help your body get in healing mode.
4. Apple Cider Vinegar.
God here she goes again! Apple cider vinegar is super alkaline and will help add a little alkalinity to your body. If nothing else balancing your body to again will help it get in gear for fighting the virus. Apples are also incredible for healing. When my mother needs a cleanse – she eats nothing but apple for a day and Mom’s know everything. Well at least my hippie homeopathic natural medicine mother does.
5. Alkaline water.
Water galore of course to stay hydrated during this horrible flu season but alkaline water if you can get your hands on some! Alkaline ionized water is easier for your body to absorb the hydration and hydrating your body will get those invaders on the move and flush them out.

Try out some natural remedies for the flu.

I rely on homeopathy to assist me in my sick needs. When the Flu kicks so does my homeopathy stash. This is where I tell you I’m not a Doctor and again if you feel like today is the day you are going to meet your maker please head to one immediately.
These are the recommended flu remedies with traits and symptoms below:
Nux Vomica
Sensitive, Irritable, Snappy
Extremely sensitive to drafts and cold
Easily irritated and bothered by light and noise
May have insomnia
Symptoms are worse in the morning
Bryonia Alba
Flus are gradual and progress slowly rather than sudden
Irritable, prefers to be left alone
Severe aching joints
Thirsty for large gulps of water
Dry skin, coated tongue, cracked lips, left side headache
May be delirious
Flu starts suddenly
Hot face, red skin, eyes glazed, pupils dilated
Throbbing headache- worse with motions
High fever but little to no thirst
Hands and feet are icy cold even though the body is hot
All sense are over sensitive – feels worse from light, being touched and noise
Symptoms worse at 3pm
Arsenicum Album
Restlessness and anxiety
Hot face and cold body
Restlessness can lead to exhaustion and collapse
Vomiting and diarrhea
Wishing child and rigor follow the fever
Thirsty for small sips of water
Wants constant company
How ever you are treating your flu this season drinking plenty of water, sleeping like a hibernating bear, and taking it easy is going to aid you in the healing process. Get yourself some soft pajamas, clean sheets and like the saying Netflix and chill..but really sleep more than chill.

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