Super Moon, Blood Moon, Blue Moon, all the Moons… plus the Science and Spirituality behind them.

This coming Wednesday all the moons are happening. Did you get my full moon pun in the title!? Full moons make people crazy af. It changes the tides on the whole damn planet and it makes me feel like a loon. The science behind this moon(s) is incredible, but what’s even more incredible is the spiritual meaning of these moons and what they can mean for you in your life.

What the hell is a super blood blue moon?

I mean Hollywood needs to make a horror movie about this moon, stat.
Here’s what you need to know:
  • It’s a cosmic event!
  • Last time a blue moon and a lunar eclipse happened was in 1886.
  • The next one won’t happen until 2048.
  • Science people are calling it an astronomical trifecta- Okay calm down you guys
  • A blue mean – means it’s the second in a month! Usually they only happen every two years.
  • This particular full moon is the THIRD full moon in a series of super moons which just mean the moon is closest to the earth.
  • During the orbit the moon glides not the Earth’s shadow which causes it to turn red or orange. The red light is the sunlight seeping through Earth’s atmosphere from all the sunrises and sunsets happening at that moment! Talk about complete cosmic co-operation.
  • What makes this moon special is that all three; a super moon, an eclipse, and a blue moon are all happening at once.
A Blood moon is red or orange moon
A Blue moon is rare.
A Super moon is an eclipse that makes you crazy.

What is the spiritual meaning of all these moons?

spiritual meaning
There’s a lot of science going on during this moon but there is also a lot of astrological influence. The moon represents our emotions, she is feminine after all, and how safe and secure we feel in the world. Oh damn, better get some root chakra balancing going on!
Full moon
When the moon is full, it and you are full of energy. Increasing its magnetic pull on the world it can also help pull out the hidden messages in our consciousness that we are now ready to hear. In its illumination it illuminates the parts us of that have been dormant and are now flowing freely. Making decision on a full moon are never advised because your subconscious is on the move. A full moon represents the feminine and always brings clarity to the things we need the most. Time to let things go folks.
Blood moon
super blue blood moon
This total lunar eclipse that turns our moon red or orange is when our atmosphere acts as a filtration system letting sunlight in. I mean, enough said. This is all about opening a new gateway into consciousness. Set the intention, and break through all those annoying patterns that have been following you.
Blue moon
Blue moons signify fortune, celebration, and a chance to make a new start and set those long-term goals. They are a perfect time to set rituals or ceremonies for a new job, love or dream. That doesn’t mean you have to go naked into the moonlight-you could just light a candle and send a wish out into the universe. Blue moons amplify the traits of the zodiac house it appears in; Jan 31st 2018 sits in the Cancer constellation. Cancer’s are care givers who are deeply intuitive and sentimental. They care about matters of the home and are attached to the people they keep close. They are helpful, patient compassionate, caring, romantic and creative. They are ALSO hypersensitive, moody, clingy, competitive, and leadership oriented (That’s a good trait for me) Careful what you say around this powerful time, it will likely be the truth and with all that energy behind you won’t be able to take it back.
Super moon
super blue blood moon
A super moon is always emotionally charged. Emotionally and spiritually you will already be highly sensitive this may bring up some stuff you did not know was still pissing you off. Thankfully with help from the clearing of the full moon- it’s time to lay your old shit to rest. THANK GOD because I’m over it all! A super moon will reveal what lies in the dark in you. This is a time of true transformation and shifting. This is a time for spiritual healing, contemplation, meditation and healing. “Stay centered and grounded so you can better anchor yourself and deal with things when the energy hits.”-Natalie Kuna

Get ready for all the energy coming from the moons.

This is a time for introspection, intuition, intention and letting it all go! If you are all about the spirituality behind the 8,000 moons happening on Wednesday, here are some fun and gentle ways to welcome in this energy.



Crystals have their own frequencies and during this crazy energetic time can help you rebalance and feel grounded. Even when one is going through change there is a totem or grounding force that allows you to feel safe so you can welcome in the change. Even birds who fly feel better because they have wings.

Sage the sh$& outta your life

Get your sage stick (Whole foods, Amazon, hippie stores) and get all up in the corners of your house. Let that stuck energy fly out the window! Sage your human house while you’re at it- I bet your body is ready to set some old stuff free too.


Get your softest pajamas, your favorite tea, and nourishing yummy snacks. Stay with people who make you feel grounded and calm.

Check in with yourself

super blue blood moonYoga, meditation or any other lite moderate exercise will help you feel balanced and open.


Ask the universe for clarity, ask for guidance, ask for movement, ask to let go, ask for movement, ask for whatever you are dying to ask. Now is the time for answers.

Get your intentions ready

super blue blood moon

With all that clarifying energy coming at you, you are going to be ready to set some clear intentions and goals. Write them down and really send them out into the universe. The act of writing puts clarity and energy into your body and we all know the universe responds to energy.

You guys I am so ready for these moons. I have already begun to feel some old stuff come to the surface and I am totally in a place to let it go. It’s all coming up roses for all those old patterns, old ideas, and old stagnant energies. I hope like me you feel courageous, adventurous, and above all ready to let go and be in the flow.

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