How to make your own Scoby at home.

How to Brew Your Own Kombucha Mother at Home.

Brewing you own Kombucha Mother at home is as easy as brewing you own Kombucha. In fact it’s the same ingredients and pretty much the same process, how wonderful. The Kombucha Mother is the bad ass live culture that eats sugar and ferments your tea into the miracle elixir we all love to drink. After fermenting it adds incredible amounts of organic acids, probiotics and antioxidants that make you feel extra cool and healthy when drinking. As we have seen, the Kombucha health benefits will never stop trendingWant to try making your own but are Scoby-less?

Brewing a scoby at home will give you kombucha mothers forever.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 bottle store-bought unflavored, raw Kombucha. Typically the GT brand works well. If you have a friend who gave you some starter liquid you can also brew from this!

1-2 Organic Oolong tea bags or loose tea ( black tea works great but you can try green tea as well!)

1-2 tablespoons organic cane sugar

1 cup filtered or boiled water

A mason jar or other glass container

A big pot

Coffee Filter/paper towel/cheese cloth

How to make your own Scoby at home.

If you can make your own Scoby then brewing continuous Kombucha batches will be no problem for you. Let’s brew!

  • Bring the filtered water to a boil in a pot.
  • Add 1-2 tea bags to pot.
  • Pour in the organic cane sugar and stir until it dissolves
  • Let cool!
  • In your mason jar or glass container pour tea/ sugar mixture and entire bottle of store-bought plain Kombucha.
  • Cover top with coffee filter or cheesecloth to keep out fruit flies. May use string or rubber band if needed.

Store your Kombucha starter brew in a warm area like on top of your fridge or on the kitchen counter next to the stove. Do not put in direct sunlight.

*Your Scoby can take anywhere from 7-30 days to form and will be about 1/4 inch thick when ready. If it has little brown strings don’t panic, those are good yeast strands that will nourish your larger batch brews. You can always strain them away.

The Scoby size also won’t matter as I have used smaller Scoby’s in larger batches and had great results. Your Kombucha Mother will keep growing and producing daughters with each batch if you keep brewing.

How to make your own Scoby at home.

Guess what? You just made your own Kombucha Mother!

Guess what else? Not only did you just brew your own Kombucha Mother but you also now have enough starter liquid for your first batch of Kombucha! If you can do that you can definitely learn How to make Kombucha like a home brewing hippie.

Brewing at home will not only save you money but load you up with Scoby’s. Feeling the Kombucha love? Do as I do and gift your Scoby’s for holidays to the people you love. Nothing says I love you like a weird little mushroom pancake!





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