Easy tips for staying hydrated in winter.

Easy Tips for Staying Hydrated in Winter.

Am I drinking enough water this winter? Next question. Staying hydrated in winter can be rough like your skin if you don’t drink enough water. See what I did there. Yes drinking enough water is important especially during winter. Aside from sticking post it notes everywhere to remind you to drink enough water, I’ve got some golden tips.

The top tips for staying hydrated in winter.

Pretend your British and enjoy some tea.

Easy tips for staying hydrated in winter.

Tea is actually the second largest consumed beverage in the world after water. With tea shops popping up everywhere loose leaf and convenient tea bag options offer an easy way to add some flavor to your water. Grocery stores will have all sorts of tea options as well but make sure you are watching your caffeine intake- herbal is the way to go. Flavors like chamomile, dandelion, apple, orange teas, passionfruit, black currant, and hibiscus are just some of my favorite herbal tea blends I drink to beat my winter de-hydration.

Eat foods with high water content.

Oranges, grapefruit, watermelon, iceberg lettuce, celery, peppers, spinach, grapes, cucumbers, cantaloupe, strawberries, and pineapple are just some of the vegetables that are over 80% water.

Easy tips for staying hydrated in winter.

Make it count.

Buying a large water bottle and filling it in the morning will help you monitor your water in take throughout the day. I sometimes reuse a 1L water bottle from a previous alkaline water purchase which I refill when I get home from work to fill up for the evening. 2 refills worth of my water bottle and I get my needed water for the day. Counting 2 refills is easier than counting 8 cups. Make sure you  are getting enough water for your weight and activity level- you can google “water consumption calculator” and find out.

If you don’t want to reuse a water bottle (since you aren’t really supposed to) you can always buy a large one online or check out your neighborhood TjMaxx/Marshalls for some great BPA free deals.

Easy tips for staying hydrated in winter.

Make it alkaline.

Drinking just any water is not going to hydrate you. If you are drinking water that is more acidic than alkaline your body is not going to get the hydration it needs. Alkaline is a term related to the PH scale that measures how acidic or base a substance is; acidic actually meaning acidic and base meaning alkaline. Looking for waters with a higher PH are typically going to be better, although high PH does not always mean that water is alkaline. Your water should also have minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium to ensure your body is able to absorb the water.

Ideally an ionized water is the best as it breaks down the water molecules which makes it easier for your body to absorb. Essentia is one of my favorite brands, but thankfully many gas stations will now carry alkaline water.  Whole Foods even offers a refillable ionized alkaline water that you can refill each time you visit!

Easy tips for staying hydrated in winter.

Stay hydrated this winter and your body will thank you.

Drinking water in winter can be the last thing on your mind or in your body. Cold or room temperature beverages may not be your idea of nourishment when the wind is roaring and snow is falling out of the sky. Sometimes that warm and cozy feeling does not extend to your body. Lack of hydration can cause fatigue, low energy, headaches, foggy thinking, constipation, sugar cravings, and the dreaded dry skin.

For the sake of nothing else but your skin and circulation follow the tips above and let the H2O flow.




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