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Part 3- The effect of the autoimmune diet for alopecia areata and how I grew my hair back.

What really happened on the autoimmune inflammation diet with my alopecia areata?

Month 1 and 2– I didn’t see much hair growth but I felt GREAT. I wasn’t tired, sluggish and any sort of mind fuzz was gone. I had incredible energy and my body snapped into some muscular super hero shape. Mind you I was riding horses three times a week and doing heavy manual labor (I was a tour manager) but the diet change really turned me into a health mutant. I am already in shape but I had to make sure I was eating A LOT to keep me at a healthy weight and not waste away. I already have a crazy good metabolism from my many years as a dancer.  Incredibly this diet really trains your body to burn fat and not carbs. To recap the crap I was dealing with:


When I tell you I was eating an avocado a day I’m not kidding. I needed those nutrients!

Month 3 and 4– I started to see thin strands coming in like when you can start to see new grass come through the soil. It was happening and boy was it exciting. I wish I took pictures for everyone but I never expected to one day write about all this. Such is life!

Month 4 and 5-By the end of the fourth month my patch was filling in with super soft baby hair! It was about an inch or two and it was growing FAST. I also noticed though that I had a smaller patch falling out right above the Mega patch. In fact that is the left over patch I’m growing in now. See below.


Month 6- By month five I was on a hair regrowth role and decided to continue following the diet into the sixth month. I had also started towards the end of month five to work in some of the foods I had cut out to see if my body was ready to handle them. I worked back beans and eggs and all was well.

Month 6 and 7- The end of month six I went out for pizza. No hair fell out, I didn’t die, my body didn’t panic, so I decided slowly I would work back in other foods.

Month 8- By this time I decided I was going to let my body do wha it needed to do and I was not going to worry about my hair unless I started to see constant hair loss which I did not.

*Any time I put myself through extreme stress or really negative thoughts, the next day a bunch of strands would fall out. Luckily I’m semi- shallow so I’ve learned to cut that shit out real quick. For Latina woman, hair is our thing. Not to mention my Mother has gorgeous locks as well so the one thing I love that I got from my Mom I was not about to completely sabotage.

How to work back in foods on the autoimmune inflammation diet:

When I say work back a food item, go with the least inflammation causing foods first. For me it was beans. Eat a small amount and pay attention to your body for the next day or two. Some fine it helpful to journal their experience during this time and keep records. I just went for it.

If nothing happens eat another slightly larger amount and repeat the few day inspection period. Hopefully by this time a lot of the internal inflammation will have gone down and you won’t have any huge reactions. At month three I tried to work back eggs in my system and my sciatica flared up like crazy. Remember your body is not normally at an inflamed state so when you eat these things and your body is “normal” and “healthy” you won’t have any reactions. In an inflamed state common foods can cause discomfort or a flare up.  If you have a sunburn you can’t but your normal lotion on your body because your skin is inflamed but when you aren’t sunburned that lotion is just fine.

After month six ended I was careful what I ate but was pretty much eating all foods. I didn’t eat fast food except for Wendys (Wendy’s is my go to “healthier” fast food option) and wasn’t a huge fan of eating out at restaurants because by now I preferred a simpler less seasoned taste.


My current hair sitch:

This last patch has been doing it’s own thing. I haven’t been diligent in taking supplements or following the AIP diet anymore as I wanted to see what my body would do. I would say it’s been now almost a year since little patch started falling out and and only recently have small strands started appearing.

I plan to once again do the AIP diet to grow back this baby patch as I saw results fairly quickly and after testing and letting my body do it’s thing- a boost of vitamins and nutrients certainly jump started my progress.

Everyone on this journey will have their own experiences and beliefs. This is my specific journey and if it works for you GREAT and if does not, I’m not a Dr. and of course do your own research, surely you are capable. Good luck to you and may the hair growth be with you!

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