Why Every Feminist Should Be Using Feminine Wash PH Soap.

Ph soap or feminine wash is not a feminist movement for your lady parts, it’s the proper care needed to maintain the good bacteria and ph level of dare I say the most important physical part of a woman. If you call yourself a feminist you better be using proper feminine wash Ph soap. This isn’t political, it’s science. Just like how woman are the stronger sex…wink wink.

Feminine wash PH soap is a wash that maintains the good bacteria and natural acidity of your vagina.

I have read that some OBGYN’s say feminine wash is unnecessary citing that our bodies are pretty good at maintaining themselves. While I do agree on some level I’m sure we have all used regular soap and felt the dryness in our special area when it’s clear we used the wrong wash. Soaps or other non gentle cleansers can strip the good bacteria and cause unwanted imbalances.  So here are my top reasons I use Ph soap:

  1. Maintains a healthy PH level– Our vagina (the collective one) sits at a Ph between 3.5-4.5, which is actually acidic. Normal soap which tends to be more alkaline and is higher than your vagina’s PH will dry out your skin and your special area.
  2. Lactobacilli friendly– Maintains a healthy environment for the good bacteria to flourish and keep your
  3. Can make your own at home– I usually buy the organic versions but you can also make your own at home using the ingredients you probably already have in the cabinets.

To be clear this is not a douche. Douches can disrupt your body natural chemistry and were invented probably by the patriarchy! That’s a joke… just don’t use them.

For a homemade DIY feminine wash mix the following:

  • Apple cider Vinegar- 1 part
  • Chamomile tea- 2 parts
  • Coconut Oil- 2 tablespoons

forehead wrinkles

Shake it in a bottle until it’s mostly blended and go to town. No you won’t smell like vinegar and you can always add a drop of essential oils such as Lavender or even Rose Water if prefer. I tend to just be simple and go with the easier version.

If there is no way you are going to pull a DIY feminine wash then absolutely go buy one. Obviously make sure there are no parabins or other harsh chemicals. You can find them at any drug store, Walmart, Target, sometimes grocery stores, and of course Whole Foods.

Care of the most intimate part of yourself is really self nurturing. An area that can sometimes be very delicate is also the strongest, as we do push babies out and snap back like nothing only to do it again with another babe. Treating your intimate areas i really taking care of your whole self. DIY or buy at the store but make it happen ladies, your PH will thank you.


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