benefits of collagen

The Unexpected Benefits of Adding Extra Collagen In Your Diet.

If you haven’t heard about the new collagen trend that is taking off and forming companies like Vital Proteins let me give you the complete rundown. A collagen-rich diet is not a new thing and cultures around the world have been eating collagen-rich diets for hundreds and thousands of years. Check out my post on foods we tried to pass off like we discovered, to learn about the cultures who brought us our current food trends.

Adding extra collagen to your diet is easy.

Collagen, which is found in the bones, muscles, and skin is the most abundant protein found in the human body. We are most familiar with collagen relating to our skin back from those old plastic surgery jokes. The collagen molecules act together to allow skin elasticity and strength but what we perhaps are not familiar with is collagen’s incredible benefit and really the one to write home or you all about is its benefits relating to your gut health. Most of our collagen intake comes from meat and chicken from hides, bones, or even fish scales. Sounds gross. I’m still here for it.


After losing some hair to my self-induced alopecia areata I incorporated collagen into my diet in a regular and generous amount, in the form of “bone broths.” We now say bone broth but cultures call it soup people. Let’s get real about it:) Any soup that has animal products or bones is likely going to be called bone broth. You aren’t re-inventing the health wheel you have just renamed it.

Easy ways to add collagen to your diet:

Smoothies – After solely relying on my collagen and gelatin from soups and stews (bone broth- eye roll) I now embrace my high quality powdered collagen peptides from none other than Vital Proteins, which I do love, to put in my smoothies.

benefits of collagen

*Pro tip: Scoop protein scoops in smoothie liquid for no clump action. Don’t just throw in there with no liquid- it will clump, you will eat/drink them-it will be gross.

Pills – Not into drinking powdered bone no problem! Take collagen pills instead. Remember wellness can be easy and accessible so find whatever way works for you.

Soups – Yes you can put in your soups! No, I’m not putting it in my tea or coffee, that is sacred but in my soups all day every day….assuming your SOUP doesn’t already have collagen but either way go for it.

Collagen is crucial for your gut health.

The star of collagen is the fact that it contains so many amino acids. The proteins not only help regulate the body’s water balance and maintain optimum PH but help regulate all body processes. Vitamin and mineral absorption cannot be effective without amino acids present. The amino acids glycine and proline can help reduce inflammation, aid digestion, and help rebuild your leaky gut by repairing intestinal lining.

If you don’t know who Edgar Cayce is I would suggest reading the first chapter of Edgar Cayce’s Everyday Health and what he says about collagen and your gut. Many dismissed him as a kook but both I and my Mother followed his recommendations and saw results in our alopecia areata and psoriasis.


Adding collagen to your diet has some other unexpected benefits.

  1. Protein Shake – That’s right collagen is a protein. A serving size has 19grams! So if you are in-between meals and you can have a collagen protein smoothie for hunger and health. That’s a win-win.
  2. Strong Nails – It will indeed strengthen your nails. I saw this effect right away! Your nails are also a great way to check on your overall health and what vitamins you are low on. Brittle and yellow nails mean vitamin deficiencies so pump up your nails with some collagen.
  3. More energy – Amino acids convert proteins into fuel that your body needs to thrive and work at its optimal health. I concur with this from my own experience.
  4. Joint Health – Doctors and nutritionist have used collagen for many years as a nutritional aid to support joint and connective tissue support in treating those with degenerative diseases.

benefits of collagen

The big word on the street is that collagen is good for your skin and I don’t not think that. I will say I can see why articles, science, and people say that.  I will say if you are looking to go from wrinkles to no wrinkles or acne to no acne that’s not going to happen with two scoops of collagen peptides. If you are taking supplements consistency is key so that means one-month minimum to really see some results although I will note I saw some favorable benefits earlier than that which was fun and exciting.

*Remember whatever is amiss in your body didn’t happen overnight so it will take time to rebalance!

Extra pro tip: Add almond milk or apples to smoothies if you aren’t a fan of the initial collagen taste. Albeit it is very slight and you get used to it, adding the almond milk or apples helps keep the taste neutral. Enjoy!


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