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Is Working from Home Really Right for You?

Working from home is a romantic notion we have all dreamed about at some point while working in an office, with others, or for a boss or manager we don’t love. If we could only work from home our problems will be solved. Right? Wrong? You decide.

Working from home won’t solve the problem that you are still working for someone else.

Let’s be honest most of us think the idea of working from home is a bridge to eventually working for ourselves on our own terms. Unfortunately that’s not really how it works. There is a major difference between working for yourself and working from home.

If you work from home you are still working on someone else’s time. You still have to job to do. If your company, boss, or manager don’t bring you happy thoughts now it’s likely working from home will be a symptomatic choice.

Let’s look at the top unfavorable possibilities working from home may bring. Here are the cons:

  1. Micromanager- It is possible if you are trying to escape the boss or manager from hell, working form home could cause him to micromanage you more. If he doesn’t trust you in the office or thinks you are incompetent, working from home is not the solve. Yes you won’t have to see their stupid face daily so that’s a plus but those emails will still keep rolling in.
  2. Lunch break anyone?- When I worked for home I had to physically force myself to take a lunch break. Once you are in the flow it is common for you to just keep going like a robot so that you can (in your mind) finish work a little early. Funny how some issue always comes up at 4:00pm isn’t it.
  3. All by myself- In the words of Celine Dion- Don’t want to be aaallll byyyy myyyseellllffff.” Not putting on pants, makeup, and sitting on your couch with your computer sounds really freeing at first. Eventually most people will start to miss the outside world and have to force themselves outside. If you are a social person working remotely may not be for you. *I met a guy at the park a while back that also worked from home who walked his neighbors dogs during his lunch break just so he could be around other humans and in the world. Do you want to be that guy?
  4. Where’s my work life balance- It might be back at the office. It’s nice to shut your computer down at 5pm everyday and go home and hopefully not worry about it until tomorrow at 8am. Well if you are working from home your computer is always close by and “it’ll just take second” can become a dangerous part of your vocabulary.
  5. Kids, pets, significant others- If you think you are going to stay home and have more access to the aforementioned you might be mistaken. Most companies have a strict at home policy that states in fact you are WORKING and will not be spending time with your kids, etc. If you are focused on work it’s hard to focus on anything else and if you are working for a company that uses any sort of time management software you are being tracked like a work prisoner.

working from home

Working remotely really depends on the type of job you have and company you work for.

This is a huge factor in deciding whether or not working from home is right for you. If you work for a great company in a great position remote work can have a ton of pros!

  1. Reduces commute time – Indeed it does. The walk from your bedroom to your living room or home office aka dining room table is not far at all. Freeing up time before and after work can lead you open to spend more time with family, work out, do yoga, read your book, or work on that side gig that you’ve been wanting to designate some more time to.
  2. More efficient – Working on your own terms (if it is such that your company and job position allow that) will make you more efficient. When I worked from home I was able to work a few hours early in the am when I was replying to emails and making deals (big time) and then later on in the evening to follow up with said big deals. I had my midday to myself every now and then which for my type of personality was  ideal.
  3. You’re the boss- You’re not, but feeling like there is some ownership over your time and work life can definitely make you feel like one. Nothing better than feeling like you are in charge of your own destiny… You are btw.
  4. More flexible – Again depends on the company and job. If you are able to move your meetings and managerial check ins around then this may definitely be something that is appealing for you.
  5. Life work balance – It may be possible for you to put your life first and plan work around that. Working from home really mimics that whole concept of you, your life and your happiness are what’s really important. If a company puts employee wellness first or at least on the board at all, working hard and well for your employer doesn’t feel like an uneven exchange.

working from home

Work is necessary but working from home may make you feel more human.

Numerous studies show that working from home reduces stress. We can all agree less stress is appealing. It can give us more contact with the things that make us comfortable which can lead us to be more productive and balanced. Your home after all is your sanctuary from the world.

If you aren’t sure working from home will lead you to days filled with pajamas pants and smiles then ask your employer if you can try one or two days a week at home first before making the all or nothing leap. You may find the balance you need in your work life may only be a day or two working from home. Whatever work road you take know that it has to match up to what is best for you and if the romantic remote work fantasy doesn’t fit that’s okay too.




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