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The Best Tea for Sleep That Isn’t Chamomile Tea.

Is chamomile tea effective to soothe? Absolutely, whatever helps you count those sheep but let me introduce you to a serious contender, Passi Flora tea aka Passion Flower tea.

When Looking for a Sleep Tea or Sleepy Time Tea Chamomile Tea Tends to Be the Most Suggested.

Not being able to fall asleep or having a shitty nights’ sleep is the absolute worse. Top reasons affecting your slumber include:

  • thinking too much or problem solving (I do by best work at night)
  • eating protein too close to bed time
  • hormonal changes (enter night sweats)
  • room temperature being too warm
  • working out late
  • caffeine still in your system – it takes 12 hours to leave your system
  •  abnormal sleep patterns like sleeping in too late or staying up watching Netflix shows all night

I have experienced all these using chamomile tea as my soother until I discovered my ultimate sleep tea, Passi Flora.

Passi Flora also known as Passion Flower is an herb that has been used by Natives of South and North America for hundreds of years before being introduced to the European explorers as a sedative and anxiety soother.  In Europe it was used as a remedy for epilepsy and insomnia so when I joke that this tea will put you in a coma I’m not really that far off. Native Americans have also used the herb to treat boils, wounds and other liver problems.

Your Best Chamomile Tea Replacement is Passi Flora Tea.

Here’s why I love this tea for sleep:

  • It’s a natural relaxer which means no side effects other than a wonderful sleep. Coming off a Dramamine or sleep medicine snooze never feels well rested and can take you a few hours to come back to your regular self.
  • It’s truly soothing which means it’s a great remedy for anxiety, stress, or when the Sandman just won’t appear.
  • It helps cleanse the liver. If you have too much heat in your liver aka energy you will likely be battling anxiety and won’t be able to get the restful sleep you are needing.
  • It can help balance your mood. This gentle herb can have positive effects on your mood and pro tip for women- YES do take when you have your period. Feel free to combine with this miracle herb as well for a double dose of balance.
  • Sleep, Sleep, Sleep, ZZzzzz. Oops I fell asleep. This tea is great for sleep and will definitely get you there.

sleepy time tea

Chamomile Tea Is Great for Soothing but Pasi Flora Is My Number One Tea for Sleep.

The best part of this tea is how accessible it is. Accessible wellness is who I am and what I preach. You can find this tea at pretty much any grocery store, definitely local health store, obviously Whole Foods, and any kind of ethnic food store especially Hispanic markets. Folks don’t be shy about visiting “ethnic markets” either. Other cultures have healthy gems we don’t even know about yet and exploring them can help you discover wellness gems much like this wonderful Passi Flora sleep tea.

May the sleep be with you.





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