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Forehead Wrinkles and When It’s Time For Bangs Again.

Forehead wrinkles and wrinkles in general are a part of aging which is total bullshit and I hate it. They also are a part of stress and skin dehydration. There are others who would say it’s because you aren’t wearing SPF which may be true but my mind immediately goes to my eighty-seven year old Puerto Rican Grandma who doesn’t wear SPF, spent her life in the sun, and couldn’t show you one unflattering line on her face. So I believe you dermatologists but also…my grandma.

Another huge skin health factor is your skin’s PH level and whether the creams, toners, makeups, etc. that you are putting on your face are too alkaline. Wait what!? Are you saying alkaline is bad? When it comes to your skin.. YES. Just in case you didn’t know the human body contains a million different high school chemical experiments; your alkaline levels are one of them. Let’s break this down so you’re not just bathing in apple cider vinegar and calling it a day.

What the hell is a PH?

PH stands for potential of Hydrogen (whatever that hell that means) and is often measured by a scale ranging from 1 to 14 with 7 at neutral level. 1 being most acidic, 7 being neutral, and 14 being super freaking alkaline. When men age their skin actually becomes more acidic. They literally age like a fine wine whereas when women age their skin becomes more alkaline which sets the stage for dryness, wrinkles, and the appearance of aging yay!

What is an ideal skin PH?

Your skin’s natural Ph is around 5.5 which as you can see is below neutral (7) and is on the acidic side. This relates to your skin’s acid mantle. The acid mantle is made up of your own sweat and sebum (natural oils) plus natural bacteria called staphylococcus epidermis which sounds much better when you say it’s pretty name “normal flora”. That’s why products containing glycollic acid or other alpha hydroxy acids are all the rage.  Your acid mantle acts as a protective layer to the outside environment and any potential bad bads that want to mess with your skin. So if your acid mantle is out of whack, then you look whack.

How can I test my products to see if they are making me look old as hell?

PH strips y’all! Test it all and pretend you are a mad skin scientist! Just dip them in and see what color they turn. It is harder to test creams as the PH strips won’t be incredibly colorful but you will see where they are falling on the scale. Also you know how everyone is telling you not to use soap on your face and you’re still doing it but a part of you wonders why everyone keeps saying that? Well it’s because soap is usually way high in alkalinity and not good for your acid mantle.


Your PH level is also a clue to any skin problem you’re suffering from and I do mean SUFFERING because GOD isn’t it the worst!?!!!

In case you are not interested in playing mad scientist with you skin care products there are a bunch of natural home remedies you can add to your beauty routine right now to combat those forehead wrinkles and unsightly lines. So before you decide to get bangs again….throwback…


….which is an on again off again relationship in my life that I’m currently in off-status, here are some tips from my Oma (grandma) to my Mom, my holistic Mom to me, and so on to smooth those wrinkly little bastards off your face and forehead.

  1. Olive Oil– smear it all over that wrinkly forehead and sleep with it on. Wake up, run to the mirror, see if it worked like magic, decide it did, repeat that night.
  2. Aloe Vera– great to soothe irritated skin but also full of water to re-hydrate dry skin. Throw some moisturizer over the aloe to really lock it in.
  3. Banana Peel– I remembered this trick the other day when I was making myself a smoothie. I sure did go ahead and rub it all over my forehead while my smoothie was blending.DSCF8236
  4. Nivea cream– oh yea you guys I watched my Mom rub Nivea all over her face because her Mom did the same thing. I’m gonna go ahead and say they should have way more wrinkles than they should have had for their ages. Nivea is a German skincare brand that I grew up around and has somehow made its way back into mine and my sister’s adult households. It isn’t the trendiest brand out there but it’s been around for over a hundred years and my family swears by it. Make sure you get the blue round tin! Germans know stuff so check out my post on Homeopathy to find out about how they changed the Natural Medicine game.
  5. Apple cider vinegar– honestly if I could buy stock in ACV I would. ACV is on the acidic side and many cultures and beauty experts use it to tone the face. Dilute it with some filtered water though so you don’t shock your facial PH levels. Even though are going to want to dunk your face in a bowl of ACV, don’t.                                                forehead wrinkles
  6. TonerI am a fan of Dr. Hauschka’s rose toner but I actually prefer to make my own. When I’m not using ACV I spritz on my homemade concoction that consists of witch hazel, aloe, thyme, and tea tree oil. I love the smell and my skin definitely responds to this light blend.

Don’t panic when you notice a breakout or a wrinkle! Be gentle with your skin and yourself. Your face is not a battlefield to be blown up with acne products or wrinkle products. I have been that person who burned their face off with too much tea tree oil, stripped all the oils from my skin after too many clay masks, and ended up looking older and more dry than when I started. Stress and lifestyle are also a huge factor in the health of your skin which I’m pretty sure we all know by now. Wrinkles are a part of life and they aren’t going away overnight if you have stripped the acidity from your skin. I know the Korean skin care regiment has a million different steps but I’ve noticed the more products I put on my skin at once the less happy it is (although I do enjoy a Korean snail slime mask!). Really find what works for you but keep these 6 tips in your back pocket and for the love of God be gentle with your skin!

forehead wrinkles

For the record I actually LOVE aging and all the wonderful things that come along with it, it’s just the wrinkles that piss me off!

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