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The Healthy, Affordable, Common Sense Action Plan for Making Your Life a Little More Holistic.

For whatever horrific magical commerce based reason, living a healthy lifestyle nowadays comes with an ever increasing price tag. There is a whole life cycle from organic farming to distribution to consumer purchase that sometimes makes sense and other times feel like the man is just trying to keep you down and hitting up the Tacobell drive thru.

That’s a Huge Bummer if You are Trying to Make Your Life More Holistic

Yoga classes are expensive, so are barre classes and of course gym memberships. Nontoxic makeup can blow off in the wind when you step outside and organic shampoos can give you that rats nest inspired coif. Sometimes they are expensive and sometimes the organic grocery store is not anywhere near you. So how do you eat healthier or live healthier? How do you make your life more holistic? I’m gonna tell you.

As you may or may not know by now, I am a big proponent of making things accessible, easy and common sense based. I grew up on natural medicine and LOVED my salads and veggies but I also love me some banana bread pudding from Magnolia Bakery..NYC or Chicago!

My favorite thing to ask myself is “What can I do right now?” Learn it, love it, ask it? Friends if you said that simple phrase I believe you are on your way to an actionable holistic plan….Shout out to Joel Osteen if anyone got the reference. The quickest way to give up on your plans is:

A-Not have one

B– Focus on this magical future idea, do nothing to work towards it, hold on to it like you are holding on to a bad relationship.

Lord can I get a hell no! Who’s been there? Absolutely have a goal and end in site with “if I continue to do, eat, think insert these types of things then I will EVENTUALLY reach insert appropriate personal goal here.”

“If” is the possibility of your plan,” I” is your accountability and POWER, “do” is your actuality and action plan, and “Eventually” is your science and space-time continuum. If I do…eventually.

That is the simplest most common sense, doable, realistic, science-based phrase you can tell yourself to reach your wildest desires and dreams.

Here are the things you can do right now that will leave you and yours more holistic and more balanced.

Oh but first let’s quickly talk about expectation versus reality because this is probably the biggest hurdle to becoming balanced.

Expectation: I want to eat all organic and be completely nontoxic in my household.

Reality: I’m trying to pay off that credit card bill I keep transferring and I really like how my hair looks with sightly poison shampoo.

Both are completely valid and somewhere in the middle your balance looks like this:

1. Choose organic wisely- choose thin-skinned fruits and veggies to go organic with e.g. grapes, blueberries, apples, lettuce. I’m not buying organic bananas anymore because hello thick-skinned. Choose organic dairy and meats where applicable. I don’t eat a ton of dairy and the meat I do get, usually chicken is always organic. It’s rough finding organic pork or lamb and I’m not a big red meat eater. If you can’t buy organic meat or dairy which is OKAY, go with “Natural” or definitely hormone free, grass fed always great.

2. DO NOT throw out your condiments- I’ve been this person and then two days later I’m like who the hell threw out the ketchup! Wait until they are finished and then replace with natural or organic versions. Taking a garbage bag to the condiment section hurts no one but yourself. This can also apply to hair products or cleaners if you do want to go more natural, if not just make sure you are getting paraben free. I use paraben free vegan shampoo but everyone once and a while I indulge with my sister’s TreSemme which I swear makes my hair so silky smooth ooooh it’s tempting like the devil! JK I’m not religious.

3. Think green- The greener the veggies or fruits the better for you. Simple. Spinach, kale, avocados, broccoli, green apples, green grapes, cucumbers, celery. Easy! Not only are all of those veggies and fruits super healthy for you but they are also alkaline forming foods which are great for your internal balance.  Level two of “think green” is think of the foods that are green on the outside or before ripening – mangos, watermelon, bananas, papaya, etc.


4. Think orange- Orange fruits and veggies are also loaded with vital nutrients. Sweet potato, carrots, oranges, mangos, papayas, pumpkin, acorn and butternut squash. This is the simplest way to think about the healthiest foods and then buy them.


Kid friendly alert: Turn grocery shopping into a fruit and vegetable scavenger hunt-find the greenest and most orange fruits and veggies. I’m all about adding knowledge and expansion to everything I do. Help the ones you love to understand why they are eating like this by giving them an area of responsibility in achieving how you and your family eat.

5. Pick your champions- In my humble but experienced and worldly opinion no balanced home should be without organic apple cider vinegar, baking soda, calendula ointment, chamomile tea, coconut oil or olive oil, bananas, and avocados. These are the building blocks of a holistic lifestyle that you can always use and go back to; the basics if you will. These are my go to’s that make my life more holistic.

Apple cider + baking soda= my favorite cleaner

Apple cider vinegar +chamomile tea+ coconut oil=PH balanced feminine wash

Baking soda + water= PH balanced alkaline water

Calendula ointment= Healing aids, dry skin

Chamomile + Calendula ointment= acne treatments, soothing treatments, redness

Coconut oil= lotion, facial moisturizer, cooking, sex lube (!!!!I’m here to give you the info!!!!:)

Olive oil= dry skin, getting that ever important vitamin E, cooking (low-med temps only please)

Bananas= snacks, potassium (super important for hydration and circulation), sleep remedy (boil those bananas and drink that banana tea), smoothies

Avocado= the super fruit holding nearly 20 different vitamins and minerals, including healthy fats which are super important for hair growth. 

6. Get sweaty- I’m such an unholistic rebel by not doing a ton of yoga right now like EVERYBODY else but that’s okay because I find other ways to get moving. I accompany my lovely on walks with our doggie, I ride my horse three times a week which is a whole body exercise, and I stretch almost daily. When I was all about yoga I couldn’t always go or afford a class so I did it home. You can find amazing yoga videos on YouTube, I promise. Folks with the internet anything is possible. Save your money unless you like the sense of community which I understand, I do as well but how many times do you look someone else in the eye during yoga? Okay, thank you. If you do hot yoga that might get a little more complicated or you can wait until summer and find free yoga in the park where you can sweat your brains out in the sun. Bam problem solved.

7. Check-in- Yes yoga is great for checking in with yourself but so is going to a house of worship or a place of peace. If you are not religious and do not want to go hear a sermon go when no one else is there and just sit there in silence. Silence is the space where everyone finds what they are looking for or “hears” the things they need to hear. Meditate- reread that silence sentence. If meditation is not your jam that’s okay too. Find other ways that are specific to you to quiet your mind. Oddly enough for me, my favorite meditation practice is reading. Even though I’m reading and comprehending words and a narrative my mind isn’t working necessarily in service of itself and I always find my space through someone else’s words. After some book time, I always feel refreshed and clear.

8. Commune- check-in with “the others” in your life. That can be your significant other, a sibling, a best friend, family, a coworker, anyone. In holisticism, one side cannot exist without the other and that means true balance is equal parts “self-centered” and equal parts community. Modern holisticism in a lot of ways has been adopted and remarketed as a self-serving unconnected guise of self-care. I’m not into that. If you are only practicing holicticism for the self and not in your community you’re doing it wrong.

IMG_1470 (1)

9. Nature, Nature, Nature- I mean there is so much science behind the importance of humans in nature that I am not going to quote right now but just know it is incredibly beneficial. I have lived in the three largest U.S. cities and have always found my way to the parks, mountains, and beaches there. Get outside and breathe some fresh air and whenever possible take your shoes off and put those tootsies on some grass. If your schedule cannot oblige an every day park visit make it a weekly exploration.


A balanced life is the path to contentment and happiness. For real. It is available to everyone and accessible to all if you get yourself an action plan. Eventually, you won’t need a plan, it will become habit and then a part of who you are. I love when people I talk to or meet have a desire to become more balanced and adopt a more holistic approach to their lives. The benefits are incredible, truly. It’s so important to find your way into your own balance in any way you can. There is no one size fits all approach.

Remember, do what you can when you can! If you can’t afford going 100% organic go 70%. Take night walks, those are great for clearing your mind and getting in touch with the world around. Do yoga at home, seek comfort and growth in the ones you love most and live your best self.

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