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The Zen Guide to Simplistic Easter Giving Without the Peeps.

Growing up, Easter was all about baskets filled with yummy candies and spring clothing but I live with a Catholic now and she tells me Easter is actually about rejuvenation. As a non religious but incredibly spiritual person the idea and act of rejuvenating oneself is my favorite hobby.

Easter Giving Just Went Zen.

Honestly we don’t do this enough. We don’t take the time to sit with ourselves and we sure as hell don’t always let go of the things, people, or ideas that no longer serve us. Easter I think is supposed to keep you honest. It’s a way to check in with yourself like the Jesus did-says the Catholic. Adult Easter is all about brunch and less about candy in a basket, unless you are me and then it’s about both. I myself enjoy a good ‘ole Easter giving cornucopia and this year I took the idea of rejuvenation and went to town with it. Rejuvenation relates to the idea of taking something and making it look or feel better, younger or more vital. The second definition really did it for me, “the action of restoring a river or stream to a condition characteristic of a younger landscape”…Gorgeous.

“We are absolutely a river of energy and what a great time to give yourself pause before Spring comes around and makes everyone bloom.

Any who back to gift giving! If you are like me you’re a last-minute kind of person, if you’re more like me you frequent Marshalls and T.J.Maxx, and if you are definitely like me you hate the idea of wasting a basket the gets put in some weird corner never to be seen or used again and then thrown out when you move.

This year get the most of out of your Easter giving by giving less and being more specific. Help your favorite people find their own rejuvenation.

I do love presents but the less you spend on me the more I enjoy it. Gifts become more specific and the person on the receiving end feels like you really had to put some thought into it which gives them the feels and they see rainbows and unicorns. Remember when you were a kid and had no money so you had to make your parents and friends their gifts? I’m still into that so draw me a picture or make me a fridge magnet. A gift is still a gift.

If you like buying things because you aren’t crafty but want to make a nice “basket” here’s how to make that happen:

1. Look at the things they already buy or use- Most people have developed some fondness towards certain brands or products but may not be able to buy the whole makeup or beauty line. Get them a product from the same brand they love. Buy the new whatever or the whatever thing they’ve been wanting to try. Next time you are over their house take a look around or just check your BFF’s purse contents for ideas.

2. Shop Discount- Just because it’s discount doesn’t mean it is cheap! I am a T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods frequenter and they have amazing items. The beauty aisles are my favorite because they’ve started carrying some amazing product lines. I found Olehenrickson, Boscia, and Avalon Organics there recently and I obviously bought some goodies to take the above photo with and use everyday thereafter! Happy Easter to me!

3. Skip the basket- Traditional baskets end up in my storage area where I end up filling it with useless shit while it accumulates dust. To me they are totally not green or holistic friendly. Every gal loves a nice cross body bag (again T.J.Maxx and Marshalls are friends of your wallet), or maybe a nice floral storage box for important papers, or something that will be utilized and appreciated more often than a damn Easter Basket.

4. Paper not plastic- Don’t even come at me with that plastic Easter grass people. Yes, I use plastic items because I live in America and am not a total hippie yet but make smarter choices and use recyclable paper grass. It also feels more chic no?

 5. Throw in some technology- Hello I’m a millennial. Throwing in a Bluetooth speaker or a set of cute headphones. Music is food for the soul and is literally the only thing that lights up our entire brain! I wouldn’t normally buy myself a Bluetooth speaker because I just put my cell phone in a glass for sound amplification and call it a day but to get one as a gift is wonderful.

6. Egg Themed- If you are not willing to give up the traditional egg, basket, bunny, jelly beans thing I get it. Go organic or natural where you can with candy or find egg shaped/themed items that have some sort of function. There is a quote ” Have nothing in your house that is not useful or beautiful” and it is definitely a quote I live by.


I love these little shell eggs (not eggshells!) and use them as dainty jewelry boxes to hold my earrings and jewelry that means most to me.

7. Rule of Seven- Keep your gifts to a minimum. Learn to enjoy less, learn to be more specific, and learn to utilize the things you have or love more. No more than seven gifts counting the container. I say seven because I’m a fan of trinkets and tinier things. Don’t go buy seven cashmere sweaters (God I LOVE cashmere), but if you are gift giving like a Rockefeller only give one expensive item and the rest keep it thoughtful, small and fun.

Make Your Easter Giving Holistic and Thoughtful.

Eventually, I plan to do a year of no holidays which sounds like I’m a bitter Scrooge woman but actually I just work in Marketing and Advertising and I know why I buy things, why I buy into things, and why I don’t. Holidays can start to feel totally routine when you are just going from one holiday to the next, buying gifts for people who don’t really need that shit, or going over to your families for the holiday when you see them all the time anyway so why exactly is this time more special than any of the other times? I want to live one year of Holidays that include no gifts and no mandatory get togethers but people showing they love each other in their own ways. Once I figure out exactly how I’m going to do that I will likely write a fabulous post on that too but until then see above on how to buy someone you love more damn stuff.

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