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What to take when everything is PMSing you off.

PMS chaste tree

Twenty-eight days a month (lol), before my period I turn on my loved ones like they’ve been plotting against me and I just found out. Whoever I’m in a realtionship with at the time usually gets it the worst. The thoughts that run through my head are borderline CIA clearance type stuff. So all in all I’m a total delight.

Not only do I get serious PMS but when my period does arrive I get extreme cramping so much so that I’m pretty much in bed the first day of my period. In my teenage rebellious years instead of relying on natural medicine I started taking Aleve because it was effective and my cramps were so bad that I didn’t care what the effects were. Cut to years later and a leaky gut and whoops maybe eight to ten Aleve a day during my period was not a good decision.

A few years ago during a Reiki session my healer (see I’m a hippie) told me about her Homeopathic Doctor who told her about a magical hormone regulating herb called Vitex also referred to as Chaste Tree or Chaste Berry. Well let’s just say now whenever I start getting super irritated and angry my loved one asks me if I need my Vitex. Why yes, yes I do.

Here’s why I love and buy Vitex:

  1. Vitex promotes progesteron and promotes ovulation. Progesteron prohibits the muscle contractions in your uterus which causes you to feel like your crotch is falling out. Take two weeks before your cycle and then first day of your period. Break during your period and ovulation then start again. #lesscramps
  2. Acts directly around the pituitary gland to help naturally balance your hormones-best taken in the am before breakfast when your pituitary is ready to go. I take two throughout the day when needed. #SorryIyelledatYou
  3. Relives irritation, bloating and fluid retention and breast pain-no explanation necessary on why all those things are a major score. #ShoweringHurtsMyNipples

With any herb read more about it and just so we are all clear here I’m not a Doctor. Vitex is a slow acting herb and does take time and can take three to six months before you can feel a difference, although I definitely felt a change almost immediately maybe first month or so.

Remember to take a break after the first six months and give your body a chance to adjust before taking again. Breaks are super important, like in life.


May your PMS subside and may all you loved ones stop avoiding you during your period!

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