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What the Hell is Slippery Elm and Why is it Good for My Skin?

I think by this point we all know beauty starts from the inside and with varying degrees of our own experiences we know it to be true. For the chosen ones who eat fried foods and bread like a Mutha F&%$^ and your skin looks alien perfect and pore-less well I tip my hat to you (and when you turn around I give you the finger).  For the rest of us skin commoners that is not always the case. Luckily for us, Slippery Elm can help improve our skin.

Slippery Elm Bark Works From the Inside Out for Your Skin.

As a teenager, I had immaculate skin (GOD take me back!) with no blemishes no pimples nothing! My friends hated me. When I turned eighteen I started to get a few breakouts here and there and then some serious skin issues into my twenties and thirties. I also discovered coffee when I turned eighteen and I know now that the acidity killed the lining of my gut and intestines. I LOVE coffee but even now if I drink it I break out instantly, it’s insane. I also know that for me stress is a huge factor in my skin and I can go back and remember my skin through the not so good relationships I had and the period in between when magically my skin was clear again.

Almost two years ago I let stress get the best of me and my hair started to fall out. I basically induced my own alopecia areata and had a huge patch about 6-8 inches wide of missing hair above my right ear.

My Mom, also sensitive to stress had self-induced psoriasis and was healing it on her own around the same time-apple doesn’t fall far from the stress tree. She took the homeopathic route as well as seeing a regular Doctor for relief but what really became a game changer was the diet she went on to rid her system of all the toxins she had floating around in her gut. She calls it the Edgar Caye Diet which is known to the not so hippie population of Whole 30 or The Gut Health Diet. It’s no gluten, no dairy, no nightshades (very important), no sugar, selective meats, and not a ton of fruit. She also took atomidine and slippery elm bark (in powder form) daily to coat her digestion areas. I was honestly devastated by my hair loss but more so that I allowed myself to turn on myself emotionally the way I did. After I did my own research and decided I would also follow a similar diet to jump-start my hair growth my Mom suggested I take atomidine and Slippery Elm Bark although I took the Slipper Elm in pill form because it’s more mobile and I was traveling for work.
Aside from my hair slowly but surely coming back what I really noticed was my SKIN! YAAASSS!!! I was beginning to see the inflammation in my skin disappear and the skin of clearer days past come back. Slippery Elm Bark coats your stomach and mucous membranes while also absorbing toxins.

This is important because if you have any toxins hanging around in your digestive areas and we ALL do and if you have thin lining or a leaky gut, all of those toxins go right into your bloodstream which is no bueno.

Heal Your Gut With Slippery Elm Bark and Your Skin Will Thank You.

Our skin is the largest organ we have and so when the toxins are floating around our bodies our wonderful skin tries to filter them out and guess where those annoying toxins come out… your skin aka my face!

Your body at its natural state is a well-oiled machine and if the toxins aren’t coming out one way your body will find another way to get them out. Not only was my skin a mess for years but I also had serious daily diarrhea which is a clear signal that something ain’t right in your gut. Just in case we don’t know by now stress is a huge factor in your gut health. My skin definitely sends a warning signal when I’m stressed trying to alert me like “hey lady take an emotional vacay or you’re not gonna like what you see”.

Common Sense Alert: Don’t take it every day for the rest of your life otherwise your body will get used to it and it won’t be effective. Take two weeks on, two weeks off, a week on, a week off….

Thankfully I’ve pretty much worked back everything I cut out of my diet and when I know I’m gonna be eating a ton of nightshades #Mexicannight, I keep Slippery Elm in my bag for extra defense and the wonderful side effect aside from being gut happy is I see it in my skin.


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