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Hoodoo Voodoo. All About Natural Medicine and Homeopathy.

Everything worthwhile is old and natural, like Willie Nelson. If you were to look across countries and cultures over hundreds and thousands of years in some way you would find medicines derived from the same sources…nature. Homeopathy is one of those medicines.

Homeopathy and Natural Medicine Are Not New Medicinal Methods.

Homeopathy is both old and natural. As a kid when I told people I didn’t really go to regular Doctors I always received looks of confusion, some filled with sympathy like maybe my Mom was a secret Christian Scientist or something. (She wasn’t. I broke a lot of bones and frequented the ER.) As an adult I joke that I eat leaves when I’m sick and drink apple cider vinegar, which I basically do but not in that format.

I was raised on Homeopathy and I grew up knowing everything works together. In modern medicine you don’t treat the patient, you treat the symptoms. That means if you have a headache you are given Tylenol and then if the headache comes back next time you’re given Extra Strength. With natural medicine you treat the patient not the disease. It works mainly with the concept “let likes cure like” which dates back to Hippocrates but was put into medicinal action by German physician Dr. C. F. Samuel Hahnemann over two hundred years ago. You’ll find as many articles for it as against it saying it’s a placebo and blah blah blah but I was raised on it, my mother was raised on it and placebo it is not. In Germany when my Mom was young everything was natural. If they had colds they were given chamomile tea, rubbed with Arnica and fed a spoonful of Castor Oil. You better believe that was passed down to us although only my mom and I are the only ones hippie enough to still drink the castor oil when needed. If my Mom was sick she got a visit from the homeopathic Doctor although the term “homeopathic” was understood until she was older because treating things naturally was just a way of life and so common in her family.

Growing up we visited our Homeopathic Doctor when we needed a constitutional remedy (for any longstanding illnesses) where we talked about our symptoms and what was emotionally going on in our lives, never focusing in on one without the other. As a kid I “developed” mononucleosis where I was out of school for a month which was a serious bodily response to an abusive situation I was experiencing in first grade from my teacher and principal. That illness was the start to my parents getting us a dog they ended up taking care of and more importantly getting me into a new school where I could flourish and feel safe.

Homeopathic Medicine is a Natural Alternative to Many Modern Medicines.

Today in each of our houses you will still find a remedy kit for common ailments that don’t require a constitutional dose. Belladonna, Pulsatilla, Nux Vomica were my most common remedies and the ones I tend to run out of first.  They are also some of the most widely used remedies for common ailments such as head colds, the flu, tummy aches, etc. They are the remedies my Mom gave us when we were sick as kids and the remedies I still try to throw down my sister’s begrudging throat whenever her or her kiddies are sick. She’s the one who calls it Voodoo by the way, mostly for fun and to signal it’s time for me to give her a speech on my annoying natural way of life.  She was also took her OWN remedy kit to college so…. eye roll.

FYI: A remedy is basically a small white ball filled with “magic” that your Mom dumps in your mouth (as it dissolves it tastes a little like sugar), and won’t let you eat or drink anything for ten to fifteen minutes before or after… Then you get better.


In grown up terms it is a diluted medicinal preparation that uses animal, plant, or mineral substances to work with your body.  I’m obviously familiar enough to know which common remedies to take but if I ever don’t know I check my homeopathic book or head to the link above.


The main principles of Homeopathy:

  1. Let likes cure likes– “By similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like is cured”. -Hippocrates (460-377BC), the “Father of Medicine”.
  2. Minimum Dose– Basically the lower the dosage (less remedy) the more potent and effective the remedy. Limits side effects as well. I’ve never had any side effects and I doubt you would find anyone who did. You can buy different doses in 6C or 30C  depending on how strong your symptoms are. We’ve pretty much grown up on all 30C strength remedies and that does the trick.
  3. The single remedy– One remedy at a time. Let your body work with one thing at a time. Seems like common sense to me.
  4. Potentization– Circle back to #2..the lower the dose in the remedy the more potent.


Homeopathy and our beloved Doctor has had a HUGE influence on my life and how I see the world. I wasn’t raised to see illnesses or discomfort as a negative thing to blast out of your body but as a signal that something, either thoughts, emotions, or whatever needed some attention. Now natural medicine is everywhere which is a good thing as people are looking for alternative nature derived options for healing modalities but in actuality, these types of medicines have been around forever, handed down my grandma’s and great grandmas all over the world. Thanks to its new-found popularity you can order remedies online or you can even get them at Whole Foods near the vitamins in little blue tubes. Little blue alien medicines as my sister would say…double eye roll.


The best way to find your remedy is by identifying the strongest symptoms first. Usually, the top three to five symptoms will get you to the best remedy available. You’ll notice as you start learning more about homeopathy that questions like “are your symptoms worse in the morning or at night, do you feel better after eating sweet or salty foods, are you more irritable or tend to snap at people, do you feel better sitting up or laying down” are common questions in identifying what remedy to take.


Once you find the remedy best suited for you-you’re good to go. You can take three times a day or if you are really in a ton of discomfort every hour until the symptoms subside. Then rest! Whenever my girlfriend is sick and I give her a remedy she all of a sudden thinks she can go to the gym for two hours and run a marathon. Sick means sick people! Get your ass in bed and put on Netflix. Allow your body to rest so it can start to heal itself. You may not have that luxury if you are a parent or at work but learn to take things slow. When your body is ill it is telling you it needs to slow down. Honor your body and honor yourself and take the hint.

Look who else uses/used Homeopathy!

Mark Twain, John D. Rockefeller, Mahatma Gandhi, the members of the British Royal Family and the Queen, who consults a homeopath as her personal physician.


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